Gears of War 4 Execution

Does anyone know why i am unable to play Execution ? I am able to play TDM, King of the hill etc however i can never find a Execution game.

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Because not a lot of people like to self-torture playing such a slow and outdated mode.

Coming from someone who spent a big chunk of Gears 1 playing Execution.



Most likely because it’s not a very popular mode and it can be difficult to get a game even during peak times due to low player count.

The best time to play is when TC put the focus on the mode with 4x XP.

That was the only time I was able to get games in the EU within 3-4 minutes or less.

Other than that - I think US servers might get games.


Probably best to get a full party and search Execution. Will make games much easier to find.

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I don’t have a problem finding execution games even after the 4xp ended.

Execution IMO is the most pure mode there is. I’m sure at the higher ranks it can get campy. I don’t mind the mind the chess match it sometimes turns into though and it’s a nice break from kOTH.

Anything can change in the blink of an eye
Comp tuning
Gnasher battles are a lot more fun
Idiots can’t eat up team respawns
Clutches are more common and doable IMO


Till this sentence I thought, bud you’re a serious Gearshead. Saying Exe outdated? Oh man you just slid yourself towards noob side… It’s the Gears essence. Period.

Pity no one is playing it outside of US servers.

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I feel like Exe has gotten worse to play with each new game. It’s just not the same anymore, the feel of it is all wrong.

Though nothing beats those very close games where the fights for each area of the map make or break the momentum.

Gears needs more of that feeling across the board.

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UK player, and only time in this season and last I’ve been able to find Execution matches was during the 4XP promo. Managed to find enough matches to get ranked this season (unlike last season) and even push into Gold 1!

[just for comparison though, when I was able to find Execution regularly in Season 2, I was sitting around Gold 3/Onyx 1 level heh]

Top half of my reply wasn’t to be taken seriously, hence why a more serious lower half reply :sweat_smile:

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It’s somewhat dead unfortunately. It’s what I call one of the “nerdy” modes in that it requires intelligence and experience to get good at (much like Escalation) and not a lot of players have the patience for it (much like Escalation).

I have friends who are extremely talented in most of the core modes but if I bring them into Execution they rush and die right away. In Escalation they relentlessly push for the triple cap and we end up getting triple capped ourselves.

I think of the differences like reading the book out watching the movie. One is a more immersing and complex experience… but no one has the patience for that.

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I believe, without online player counters per modes like GoW3 have, regarding Execution, people just won’t wait 20-30mins searching for a match that might end in a 2mins quick time. And without any option to keep that lobby rolling on…It’s a waste, pity.