Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

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It’s easy I did it can you not do that. Guess you won’t be getting that achievement if they make it. Better start making scrap kid

(DoltishCone6071) #1360

Burn!!! Good one

(Horde Legend) #1361

How old are you?

(Horde Legend) #1362

Love how scrubs take forum handles literal

(crazychainsaws8) #1363

Then why complain about getting all your cards level 6?

(DoltishCone6071) #1364

33 I’m the real horde master all card’s 6 helpful tip buy 400 credit packs good scrap just helping if I could give you scrap I would lol

(Horde Legend) #1365

Dude, I have 110k worth of scrap…I don’t care about leveling up to 6 when it means nothing and I barely play this game much anymore so I honestly don’t care about it…if you can’t take forum critiques then you shouldn’t be on the forum…Horde master? Try hitting wings 10 max then come back and talk to me…I only know of two 'Horde Masters" that are maxed out so

(DoltishCone6071) #1366

Wings 4 working up to wings 10 you could play the game more be part of the community I’m sure everyone would love to see you. That is if you don’t leave a horde game with your low level cards.

(Krylon Blue) #1367

The Coalition made this achievement unfair from the get go just as they made the 100 hours played in PvP unfair for Horde players. The payout for a Versus match is so minimal it’s basically impossible to max out every card to level 6. You’d be forcing players this late in the game to constantly do Speed Runs which isn’t any fun either. It takes more than 100 hours of Horde to do this legitimately so it’s not even close to being as bad as 100 hours of Versus.

I’m not ripping on your idea though. I don’t like it because it forces me to play a mode for WAY too long that I really don’t like to play. Honestly the Coalition should have made Versus payouts larger but by not doing so they made your legitimate idea seem ridiculous. That’s how dumb this games system is.

(DoltishCone6071) #1368

I can understand your point I’m not good in multiplayer hate achievements for that but I fight the good fight and power through it takes time to get 6 cards never said it was easy but if they do make it won’t you feel some kind of accomplishment after unlocking it I know I would. It’s a gride but it’s not crazy hard just takes time and credit’s.

(Krylon Blue) #1369

My only issue is that the only way to grind for it is by playing Horde. If they would have evened out the payouts for Versus and Horde it wouldn’t even be an issue. Especially with everyone doing those boring Speed Runs constantly which can be completed in less time than 2 KotH matches but you’ll get way more credits plus a 1200credit bounty. Versus doesn’t have these types of high payouts and I believe you need to win for a 150credit bounty bonus. That in itself is a system designed to screw you one way or another as a Versus player.

(DoltishCone6071) #1370

I agree with you 100% multiplayer gives nothing for credit’s or xp. For time spent in horde to time spent in multiplayer. It’s no competition you get more in horde everytime which is not fair to people who don’t play horde I hear ya and it’s half @$$ backwards they need to fix it really they do

(BRBigbird) #1371

forever hold your peace ******

5 achievement levels for kills to match the 5 classes in horde

level one 10,000 kills per class and 100,000 total horde kills
level two 20,000 kills per class and 200,000 total horde kills
level three 30,000 kills per class and 300,000 total horde kilss
level four 40,000 …
level five 50,000…

limit turret and sentry kills to 2]5 of the total kills -

(BRBigbird) #1372

this includes all kills from the beginning

(SirSeleno) #1373

Not Your Role: Mage - In Horde, as an Engineer, kill X enemies with Incendiary Grenades after your Shock Sentry damages/downs them.

Not Your Role: Archer/Ranger - In Horde, as a Sniper, kill X enemies with the Torque Bow.

Not Your Role: Rogue - In Horde, as a Soldier, kill X enemies who are distracted by a decoy with the retro lancer bayonet charge.
[Alternate] - In Horde, as a Scout, kill X enemies with the damage boost from coming out of Cloak.

Not Your Role: Warrior/Melee - In Horde, as a Scout, kill X enemies with a melee attack.

Not Your Role: Paladin/Tank - In Horde, as a Heavy, kill X enemies while taking damage.

[Note: Warrior achievement could flip Scout class with either Soldier or Heavy, as Scout cards can be tailored to help with all 3 scenarios].

Not Your Role: Healer - In Horde, as any class, revive X downed teammates (only reviving a downed teammate counts).

Not Your Role: Necromancer - In Horde, as any class, revive X dead teammates (only returning tags and using Team Revive counts).

Not Your Role: Blacksmith - In Horde, as any class, use the fabricator to create X weapons.

The above can be done in both 25 and 50 wave Horde variants, and they could either be designed to be completed in a single a Horde match or cumulative across multiple Horde matches, depending on what numbers provide the best challenge.

I tried to limit the requirements in ways that wouldn’t require having unlocked any specific horde class cards, however, for an additional challenge, use of a horde card could be required (i.e., Engineer must have one of Sentry Cap/Speed/Salvage equipped, Sniper must use Called Shot on enemy prior to killing, Soldier must have a Damage Boost or Cover Boost card active, Heavy must have Last Stand and/or Berskerker equipped, Scout must have Brawler/Health Regen/Cloak depending on requirement).

(El Glaude) #1374

Win 50 consecutive waves of horde by leaving the fabricator at its default location the whole time - Any map. (Of course, just by picking up and down the fabricator and it changes its position a little bit so some margin would be required).


(mizzelphug) #1375

I’ll post my last terrible achievement idea:

Settle down guys, I have Turrets
As a Heavy with Turret Capacity & Turret Damage equipped, Build ten level 4 manned turrets (from scratch, not an upgrade)

(TC Vectes) #1376

The Gears 4 Design an Achievement Contest is now over. Thank you for all your awesome submissions. We are now locking ourselves into the Control Room to go through your suggestions and select your best ideas. Please stay tuned for more!

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