Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(Gurnaldinho) #1339

I have left off gamerscore totals and where applicable numbers could be changed where deemed too high or not challenging enough

Damn you’re flexible
Complete a 50 wave horde variant on the map “Dam” at least once with each class

Mind blown… in many ways…
Get 5 head shot kills with each weapon type, excluding grenages, in public versus or horde

Enough credit to buy an achievement?
Amass a total of 50,000 in game credit to spend in store without spending any!

One man army
In private horde complete a 50 wave horde solo, any class, any difficulty, fails allowed

Brothers in arms forever
In private horde with only 2 players, 1 as any Marcus character, 1 as any dom character, complete a 50 wave horde variant on any difficulty any map

Now that’s an epic skill set!
On horde have at least 1 epic skill for each class maxed out to level 6

(Shooter657) #1340

Kick every player on the opposing team when they are down in a match (Public Versus)

Kick ‘em when they’re down.

(Cemetery Girls) #1341

Achievement Name: You feel that? That’s from Dom.
Achievement Requirements: Knife execute any Locust in multiplayer while playing as Marcus Fenix (any variation).

Achievement Name: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!
Achievement Requirements: Grab an enemy as a meatshield in multiplayer, then kill the same enemy while still holding their meatshield.

Achievement Name: Who wants toast?!
Achievement Requirements: Kill an enemy in multiplayer on the map Forge, with the incinerator.

Achievement Name: Never thought it would end like this.
Achievement Requirements: Find the Memento Mori easter egg in the campaign. (Act 3, Chapter 2)

Achievement Name:He makes Raam look like a pushover!
Achievement Requirements: Win a chainsaw duel in multiplayer while playing as Skorge.

Achievement Name:Were it so easy. Wait, wrong franchise.
Achievement Requirements: Kill 5 enemies in a row 10 times in multiplayer or horde.

Achievement Name: Wake me… If you need me.
Achievement Requirements: Go an entire round in multiplayer or horde without killing a single enemy.

Achievement Name:Swiggity swag, whats in the bag?
Achievement Requirements: Save up over 50,000 power in the fabricator in horde.

Achievement Name:If you can’t beat 'em, show off!
Achievement Requirements: Pick a skin for every weapon in customization.

Achievement Name:Tag! You’re it!
Achievement Requirements: Get at least a double kill with a Bag-n-Tag in multiplayer or horde.

Achievement Name:Get the camera, mom!
Achievement Requirements: Ride the Reaver during the campaign (Act 1, Chapter 1).

Achievement Name:Quantum Breakage
Achievement Requirements: Discover the Raging Buccaneer weapon in the campaign (Act 3, Chapter 4).

(Reaper08R) #1342

So, I’ve since tweaked my earlier achievement suggestions and added some new ones. I’d like to think these cover all areas, and are NOT grindy as hell (which is what the achievement community clearly does not want for this last batch). And yeah, I have some challenging, but REALISTIC, suggestions:

Achievement Requirements: Complete a 50 wave variant of Horde on Insane difficulty without failing a wave challenge. Note that failing the wave itself (by having all players die) would void this achievement for the match.
Achievement Name: Challenge… Accepted?
Achievement Description: Complete a 50 wave variant of Horde on Insane difficulty without failing a wave challenge.

Achievement Requirements: Perform one of each of the unique executions on a downed enemy in public versus matches or in Horde. This includes - Combat knife CQC (from any direction), Beatdown, Overkill, Dropshot, Enforcer, Markza, Lancer, Retro Lancer, Longshot, Boltok, EMBAR, Gnasher, Salvo, Tri-Shot, Buzzkill.
Achievement Name: Kick 'Em Harder When They’re Down
Achievement Description: Perform all 15 unique executions on a downed enemy (Public Versus or Horde only)

Achievement Requirements: Reach Wings 1 (Re-up 11). This should be an easy unlock and a welcome reward for most dedicated players, who are likely already past Wings 1 : )
Achievement Name: Wings!
Achievement Description: Re-up for the 11th time and earn your wings!

Achievement Requirements: Complete the Prologue in Co-op, on Inconceivable difficulty, with Ironman turned on. Also, reloading checkpoints should be disabled, to ensure it’s done in one sitting.
Achievement Name: Brothers in Arms
Achievement Description: Complete the Prologue on Ironman in Co-op on Inconceivable difficulty, without reloading checkpoints.

Achievement Requirements: Freeze an enemy using the Despicable You easter egg gun (found in the prologue), then shatter him.
Achievement Name: You’re Despicable! (secret)
Achievement Description: Freeze an enemy with a special weapon in the campaign, then break him to pieces.

Achievement Requirements: Kill an enemy with the Despicable You, Dom’s Toms, Memento Mori and Raging Buccaneer weapons in the same campaign chapter. This will require players to at the very least have the Despicable You, Dom’s Toms, and Memento Mori equipped upon entering Act 3, Chapter 4.
Achievement Name: Sunday Easter Sunday
Achievement Description: Kill an enemy with each of the four ‘special’ weapons in the same campaign chapter.

Achievement Requirements: Perform a headshot kill while holding a meatshield 25 times in public matches (note that this can only be done with either the snub or boltok pistol)
Achievement Name: Pistol Mastery
Achievement Description: Get 25 headshots while holding a meatshield (Public Versus only)

Achievement Requirements: Earn a kill with a grenade tag, planted grenade and thrown grenade in the same Public Versus match 5 times.
Achievement Name: Grenade Mastery
Achievement Description: Get a kill with a grenade tag, planted grenade and thrown grenade in one match 5 times (Public Versus only)

Achievement Requirements: Kill [any member who suggested this type of viral achievement], or anyone who has this achievement, in a public versus match. Note that the Achievement Description would list all gamertags of members who have suggested this (not just myself), provided the list is not too exhaustive (I haven’t gone through the entire thread, but I can almost guarantee that other members have suggested this kind of viral achievement)
Achievement Name: Lambency 2.0
Achievement Description: Kill Reaper08R, or someone who already has Lambency 2.0, in a Public Versus match.

Achievement Requirements: Do either of the following as a team of 5 different Zombie characters: Win a competitive match, or complete a boss wave on Insane difficulty. Note that the 5 characters MUST be different (i.e. no 2 teammates can be using same zombie character skin)
Achievement Name: Like a CORPSE
Achievement Description: Win a Competitive Versus match, or complete a Boss Wave on Insane as a team of 5 unique Zombie characters.

(The 6monster) #1343

Achievement Requirements: All the team has been exterminated at wave 1 in horde on recruit.

Achievement Name: GoW is not for God of War! Or We’re not the God of War!

Achievement Description: We’re definitely not gods or spartans…

(The 6monster) #1344

Achievement Requirements: Beat 25 or 50 waves of horde in unconceivable without dying.

Achievement Name: Gears are better than Gods!

Achievement Description: The horde has been crushed. You are the master of Hell! (Kratos who?!)

(grandmacookies9) #1345

Continuing the discussion from Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest:

Kill two sentinels with one shot.
Call it grandma’s cookies

(TheDeuterostome) #1346

What happens if you actually are a Spartan?

(The 6monster) #1347

If you are greek, lucky you! :wink:
It refers to Halo (and God of War too) that’s all.

(TheDeuterostome) #1348

I come from Spartan heritage. Was just making a joke.

(The 6monster) #1349

Me too! :smile:


Achievement Requirements: In an Escalation match capture all 3 rings under 3 minutes on round 3

Achievement Name: Unknown Path

Achievement Description: “If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

Achievement Requirements: Kill all 5 opponents at the same time with Frag Grenades in a versus match

Achievement Name: Yahtzee!

Achievement Description: You beat the odds

(Gto57) #1351

Type: Challenge - Ranked Match, Any Mode

Achivement (Challenge) name: No. 83, Sign my shirt!

Achievement Requirements: Win 15 rounds in ranked match with 5 different “COG” characters such as “colorful explosion” or “day of the dead”

Achievement Description: “Trash Paint Ball!”

Rewards: 60000 scrap

Achievement (Challenge) name: to your BloodMount!

Achievement Requirements: Win 15 rounds in ranked match with 5 different characters “Locust” type “colorful explosion”, “Spectrum Vermin” or “Gold Onyx”.

Achievement Description: “Bath of paint!”

Rewards: 60,000 scrap

(DoltishCone6071) #1352

I like it

(Horde Legend) #1353

Um pretty sure we get gamer score for achievements not scrap

(DoltishCone6071) #1354

You can’t play horde. You some kind of a sissy girl I have all card’s to 6 just trying to make fun achievements that get you playing and Maxing out different people trying to get people playing and enjoy horde. Bye sissy pants

(J4CKA1) #1355

Bye no grammar pants

(chaaze) #1356

How about DEDUCTING (G) achievement points every time player collects 10 joined lobbies with ping 250ms or above. RETRIBUTION -75

(Horde Legend) #1357

First of all, congrats on wasting your time for getting all your cards to level 6, Second, how is leveling up your cards to 6 any fun? It’s all grinding and grinding is not fun

(crazychainsaws8) #1358

Says the guy who is a “Horde Legend”.