Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(Horde Legend) #1319

Wow good job :ok_hand: Don’t really care about the mathematically answer towards my percentage I said were horrible ideas

(Terminator32597) #1320

Achievement requirements: Kill a combined 10 locust grenadiers and locust snipers that have a longshot as Anthony Carmine (Can be any version)

Achievement name: Oh yeah practice makes perfect

Achievement description: You unjammed your gun and killed that locust grenadier and sniper and lived to tell the tale.

(ROODiCuLou5) #1321

Seriously Old School - Unlocked “Slaying It” achievement & Season 4 Ruby Challenge.
Retroactive. Total 11000 kills in Multiplayers.

(J4CKA1) #1322

Aside from the number submitted, you have to agree there’s some ultra dumb “ideas” in here.

(WickedlyInocent) #1323

Achievement requirements:: You can’t use no grenades waves 1-50 on inconceivable
Achievement Name:: Who needs 'Nades?
Achievement description: cant use no grenades GS:50

(SASSY MAMBA 621) #1324

In a private match, have all members of your team run single file as Cole on 5 post launch maps.
"The Train is a Smooth Ride"

(SASSY MAMBA 621) #1325

Creator’s name: DOCxHOLLIDAY 83
While playing as Anthony Carmine, get shot in the head 10 times.
"Not Again!"

(Krylon Blue) #1326

You’re going to upset Jaded Z0mbie with ideas like that. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(mizzelphug) #1327

Yes, most of this thread is “filler” but TC has already proven that they will go for completely horrible achievement ideas in past updates so I wouldn’t discount any of them.

From my mathematical and grammatical calculations (in both imperial and metric units!) I can see that you’ve attempted to pad the contest in your favor with over 60posts and multiple achievement suggestions per post. No purchase necessary. Coupons cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited.

You should unlock an achievement with that level of enthusiastic queue spamming.
At least a good 35-50G one. :wink:

(Krylon Blue) #1328

Lol, perfect response.

I did like quite a few of his ideas though. Most were well thought out and not many if at all any ridiculous ones that are nothing more than trolling. Circumstantial and ones that require you to play a specific mode for 100+ hours at this stage of a games life cycle seem a bit too dramatic.

(The lMlan) #1329

Sure there are. If you, or anyone, was expecting the dwindled community of an aging game that lost chunks of its player base over a year ago to have an abundance of creative people come to the forums, read that specific weeks What’s Up (or the following weeks), AND participate in the contest… you are far too optimistic.

Ragging on someone’s ideas in the contest thread isn’t helping anybody. By all means, if you want to complain about it, make a thread. It is not constructive to see a post “Get 10,000 Kills in versus” and reply with something like “You didn’t even get this similar achievement…that idea is dumb”. Constructive would be to reply with a suggested change to their achievement.

Suggest something in a reply like “Maybe instead of 10,000 more kills it can be get 100 in each versus mode.”

Suggesting that TC should give up on the community members who are willing to participate, no matter the quality of the entry, like @Horde_Legend, is no where near constructive to the purpose of the thread. Vent any frustrations you have in a thread of your own…just post all your actual achievements ideas here.

It’s no wonder the community dies off when people just ream those who speak out their ideas when TC asks them to do so. This is supposed to bring the community together to achieve a common goal of being creative. That can’t happen when people respond negatively to people without posting ideas of their own.

(J4CKA1) #1330

Dude… whoa. We all know you want to win. Chill. Also, I’ll do what I want until a mod tells me otherwise.


(Horde Legend) #1331

You’re still complaining? Haven’t you read the whole thread with the ideas people have given? Let alone there have been a ton of new people that joined and all of them have had the worst and craziest ideas for achievements so yeah of course they will get a verbal lashing from a lot of people…you’re worried about a few negative people yet most of the thread is filled with trolls but I guess you can’t see that from your 155 achievement ideas…good job yet again

(Gto57) #1332

Type : Ranked match, Any mode

Achievement name : Momentum Delta Squad

Achievement Requirements : Win 5 rounds in match ranked with 5 differents characters “COG” from Gears of War 1-“Emergence day” in the team (With Marcus, Dom, Minh Young Kim, Sam, Dizzy, Taï, Hoffman, Carmine (1st dead), Cole, Baird, Anya and Bernie)

Achievement Description : For the COG !

G score : 50 G

Achievement name : Emergence day

Achievement Requirements : Win 5 rounds in match ranked with 5 different characters “Locust” from Gears of War 1 -“Emergence day” in the team (With Raam, Grenadeer Locust, Theron Sentinel, Drone Locust, Kantus, Myrrah)

Achievement Description : For the Hordat !

G score : 50 G

(Dead by David) #1333

(G)50- Pretty Good Job So Far
In Versus, shoot an enemy player point blank and some how not kill them,resulting in you dying in one shot, 100 times.
“Mathieu would be proud.”
(G)30G- That’s from Dom
In Versus, execute Queen Myrrah as Marcus.
“Feel that?”
(G)30- It Keeps Jamming!
In Versus, complete a match without hitting a perfect active reload.
“Somethings wrong with this thing…!”
Kill 100 enemies with the retro charge or chainsaw attack in any mode.
“That…was oddly satisfying!”
(G)50- Never Go Wrong With Classics
In Horde or Versus, complete a wave or round with your team using starter characters.
“Let’s see what you kids can do…”
(G)100- Bling Bling!
Have all equipped weapon skin and characters be of Legendary rarity.
“You bought HOW many elite crates?!”
(G) 50- Best Served Cold
As either Anthony Carmine or Kim Minh, execute a enemy playing as RAAM in Versus.
“This is for Valera!”

(Dead by David) #1334

G(30)- PTFO
Complete 100 matches without idling or being kicked for inactivity.
G(30)- I’ve Got A Special Bone For It
In a Versus match, achieve a multi kill from a blindly thrown grenade.
G(30)- Valued Teammate
In Horde, do not quit immediately following wave 20.
G(100)- Take It Like A Man, Shorty
Complete the campaign without dying or going down but not out.

(Jericho Dog) #1335

Get 1000 kills with the Repair Tool as the Engineer in Horde mode


(Jericho Dog) #1336

Killing yourself 100 times on a laser barrier


(Jericho Dog) #1337

Chainsaw an enemy who is Chainsawing another enemy


Kill 10 Meat Shields on a Laser Barrier without killing yourself


(deadlydraco666) #1338

Humiliate them!
Get the most kills in a multiplayer match only using executions

feet the most kids in a multiplayer breath using on the chainsaw