Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(iiS y s t e M) #1299

Achievement Requirements: Either kill someone who is playing as Dom once or a certain amount of times with a boltok.
Achievement Name: Too soon?
Achievement Description: Well done you brought back bad memories and sadness.

(Snake181031) #1300

Nightmare of the TC

On the 12th anniversary of gear of war find three TC members in different competitive matches and make them nemesis

(iConn Cathach) #1301

Achievement Name: Reeeeeeeeeeal Crispy
Achievement Description: You like em crispy inside n’ out with your flaming weapon skins
Achievement Requirements: get X amount of kills with your X flaming weapon skins in public verses
collect X amount of flaming weapon skins

Achievement Name: Better Than BBQ
Achievement Description: You showed your oppponents how to roast with your midnight omen weapon skins
Achievement Requirements: get X amount of kills with your X midnight omen weapon skins in horde
collect X midnight omen weapon skins

(XV84) #1302

Camp Crystal Lake - Win on 10 Multiplayer Maps on Friday 13th
The Night He Came Home - Win on 10 Multiplayer Maps on Halloween
The Saw is Family - Get 100 Chainsaw Executions on Multiplayer
Nightmare on My Street - Win on 10 Multiplayer Maps between 00:00am and 02:00am

(HyperGuineaPig) #1303

Love from Clark Kent - 50G

Amass 50 Super ribbons across any Versus mode.

Man of Surreal - 100G

Amass 100 Super Ribbons across any Versus mode.

Triple Threat - 30G

Hit three consecutive head shots resulting in a triple kill with the EMBAR in any Versus mode. (collateral head shots are also factored in favour to earning this achievement).

Going in Blind, Coming out Fine -40G

Earn 20 blind-fire head shots with the Longshot or EMBAR in any Versus mode.

this last one is just for the Gears 3 nostalgia after grinding for the onyx medal

Lobotomised/Lobotomized (I think in NA? from UK myself) -75G

Earn 6000 head shot kills across any and all modes.

¯\ (ツ)/¯ I just love that pop.

(DOcean1123) #1304

Put your mouth on the Curb…

Curb Stomped 100 enemies in Vs. Multiplayer

You curb stomped 100 enemies and made them say goodnight.

Hold This!

Grenade tagged 100 enemies in VS. Multiplayer

Gave 100 enemies something to hold while you reloaded…

Board no hit back!

Counter 10 mantle kicks in Vs. Multiplayer or Horde

Bruce Lee would be proud…

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

Mantle kick 100 enemies in Vs. Multiplayer

You were fast as lightening…

(Diegopor) #1305

you have 400 casualties with retro lancer or lancer alone with loads actibas

(MonsterRoger) #1306

I real like gears of war and i think my idea about finish ranked games without rage quitting players is not so bad you thinking about because that quitting stuff should have much higher penaltys maybe people not quitt so fast when it gives an achievment for

(TheDeuterostome) #1307

I couldn’t u derstand half of what you just wrote!

(Cragdon) #1308

Shutout: Win a round of KOTH with the other team scoring 0.

(GUMBOojr eM) #1309

1.Not in my house! Take 4 opponents out during a three ring cap- escalation -on any map -50G

2.swarm or locust!? Earn 100% completion of achievements-150G

3.Do you even summuns bro? Win a 1v4 while dominating all three rings- escalation- on any map-70G

(Periphs) #1310

I love hording:
-Obtain all skill cards for horde.

They must have lost connection:
-Win a KOTH match on ranked while being down a teamate.

-Complete a weapon set.

(xJustin049x) #1311

Name: A Shepherd Takes Care Of Their Flock
Kill 1000 enemies with the Enforcer in Horde

(OMAHA16) #1312

Achievement Requirements: Earn 50 MVP Ribbons in Versus. (Ranked or Social) - 50G

Achievement Name: “All Star”

Achievement Description: Nobody Plays This Game like Me! Nobody!

(I BossK I) #1313

Achievement name: Hail Mary
Achievement requirement: get a Hail Mary ribbon which was also a headshot 5 times in versus multiplayer
Achievement description: BOOOOM

(TrooperFulcrum) #1314

Creator’s name: TrooperFulcrum

Name of achievement: Death from the heights.

Achievement: Kill 10 Pouncers with the Chainsaw.


(Waffle fudge) #1315

Achievement Requirements: Get MVP in a versus match with Legendary Items equipped to every single slot on Versus COG and Versus Swarm in Customization. (25 G)

Achievement Name: Bling Bling

Achievement Description: Kill the enemy with style.
(Created by Waffle fudge)

(The lMlan) #1316
  1. In versus, get a perfect active reload with all 3 starting guns on your character within a 5 second period. i.e. Perfect active on the lancer, swap to the Gnasher, perfect active, swap to Snub Pistol, perfect active, all within 5 seconds.
    Practice makes perfect. Get a Perfect Active Reload with each of your starting guns within 5 seconds

  2. In horde, complete a 25 or 50 wave variant on the map Diner with 5 players using the Heavy class on Insane difficulty.
    The Big Boy Special
    Burgers and Boomshots. Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde on Diner with 5 Heavys on Insane

  3. In horde, complete a 25 or 50 wave variant on the map Glory with 5 players using the Scout class on Insane difficulty.
    Scout’s Honor Guard
    Earn your reputation. Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde on Glory with 5 Scouts on Insane

  4. In horde, complete a 25 or 50 wave variant on the map Foundation with 5 players using the Engineer class on Insane difficulty.
    If you build it they will come
    The Fabricator 5. Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde on Foundation with 5 Engineers on Insane

  5. In horde, complete a 25 or 50 wave variant on the map Harbor Haze with 5 players using the Sniper class on Insane difficulty.
    Ghillies in the mist
    The SS Headshot. Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde on Harbor Haze with 5 Snipers on Insane

(Horde Legend) #1317

I really hope after whomever at TC, after dealing with this agonizing list of ridiculous achievements 98% of the community has come up with, they just say something along the lines of “After reviewing this list of ideas for achievements, the community has wasted our time and we will just come up with something ourselves”

(The lMlan) #1318

Let’s just say there is a round 1,300 posts on this right now for simpler math. And even then, I will take out 75% of those posts as they are comments and filler, not achievement suggestions. And EVEN STILL, I will apply your “98% ridiculous” calculation to come up with how many achievements they can choose.

1,300 Posts * 25% Achievement Related ratio (100% - 75% filler) = 325 “Achievement Posts”

325 “Achievement Posts” * 2% viability ratio(100% -“98% ridiculous”) = 6.5 Viable Posts.

That’s 7 posts out there that can be considered to be perfect choices even with your 98% of achievements being discarded. If that is one achievement per post, that is 7 new achievements…2 per would be 14 new achievements.

Sounds like they have plenty to choose from still to me. Considering that’s low balling the average number of achievements per post out there and it’s still enough for a full list.

Maybe if you post an idea of your own that is “not ridiculous” you can feel better about the situation. Rather than trying to down everyone else who is actually contributing to the contest, not just shouting from the peanut gallery. :ok_hand: