Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(The lMlan) #1279

I Made it!!! And I’m spent. *Scratch that…had a couple more thoughts come to mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I officially submitted more achievement suggestions (155) than there are achievements in the game at this time (149).

I tried my best to be inclusive of every mode and ended up playing through Campaign again to come up with some unique and fun ideas for those who enjoy the Campaign over Versus or Horde. To be honest, the Campaign achievements I suggested include some of my favorites.

My list contains:
Campaign - 20 achievements
Horde - 53 achievements
Versus - 73 achievements
Multiple Modes - 8 achievements
Gears of War Website (Card Companion) - 1 achievement

Thank you @TC_Vectes and the rest of The Coalition for this opportunity.
It was very enjoyable thinking up new ways of trying to play and some of the community’s ideas were very unique. I look forward to seeing what comes of the final achievement list.

Good Luck to all entrants!!! And the achievement hunters like me that will be looking forward to finishing up with a clean 4000 Gamerscore.

(Temperize) #1280

Pay to win= Win a match while all members of your team are using a black steel character.

Judge, Jury, and…= Perform an execution with every weapon

For Dom= Knife execute Myrrah while playing as Marcus

(R o IN i IN) #1281

Did I do that? 50g
Kill opponent by tripping or shooting their planted nade 20 times.

(HaHa Dont Cry) #1282

Get 25.000 kills on Versis playlists,.Gears Elite. 100G.
Win a ranked KOTH on every map and win 300 games…KOTH Trooper. 75G
Win 500 ranked matches on versis… We love this. 100G
10 thousand shotgun kills throughout versis…BOOM. 125G

(CKR604) #1283

Super Action Hero
Get a frag kill while looking away from the explosion.

(mikeman8129) #1284

Achievement Name: Like Father, Like Son
Gamerscore 10G
Requirements: As JD Fenix execute Raam, Skorge, and Myrrah in Multiplayer.
Description: JD, like his father, hates the grubs.

(ElChristoOzil) #1285

Look ma’, no face.

Get two headshot kills with one arrow from a torque bow.

(Al McB) #1286
  1. Know your roles - In a single wave: engineer builds/repairs one of each fortification type; heavy gets 10 explosive kills; scout collects all available energy; sniper get 5 headshots; and soldier gets 10 grenade kills.

  2. Have you no shame? - Play a match with a colour blast character and all pink weapon skins (Description - Dance little monkey, dance!)

  3. Well, that’s just stupid - Finish 20 waves of horde on Raven Down as a team of 5 snipers, any difficulty.

  4. You ain’t so tough - Kill a Carrier or Swarmak with a single shot (Achieved with the memento mori).

  5. DeeBee or not DeeBee, that is the question - As Baird, kill 6 DeeBees in 60 seconds.

  6. I’m not your buddy, friend - Chainsaw or execute a player on your friends list. (Who doesn’t love a South Park reference?)

  7. Group hug! - Have all 5 teammates capture the ring at once in KOTH.

  8. Daddy’s favourite - Build a fortification in wave 1 and keep it alive until wave 50. (Upgrades not allowed if you want to make it harder.)

  9. Typical - Die within 2 seconds of reviving a teammate.

  10. Gimme gimme gimme - Complete a free bounty card the same day you receive it.

(DownInFlames85) #1287

Nice list. Numbers 6 & 7 made me chuckle.

(BraveTheStorm18) #1288

Achievement Name: Where do your Loyalties lie?

Description: Complete 5 consecutive matches of horde with the same group of people for each match.

Worth: 50 Gamerscore.

(a Poisoned Cure) #1289

Achievement Requirements: Tea Bag 100 enemies you’ve slain

Achievement Name: Cold Brew (Cause puns are life)

(InJustice4All) #1290

Swap It Out - 50G
Get a down with the lancer then swap it out to another weapon to get the kill. Swap to all other weapons for the kill to get the achievement.

(oD3ATH5TARo) #1291

Achievement name -Twice the revenge is sweeter. As marcus yank and shank queen myrah in social or ranked or private . 50g. Achievement name -A bullet from D3ATH. Kill the smarmak with dom and marias boltok from easter egg on insane 100g…D3ATH is partly my gamertag but also a reference to maria and doms death

(Al McB) #1292

The Six Million Dollar Man: In Horde, try to use the Repair Tool on a downed teammate.
( We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.)

Definitely this. Easy to do, and funny with it. Reminds me more of a Ralph Wiggum line - “Daddy’s stomach is crying”.

(Law Violation) #1293

Back to Basics - 50G - Finish 50 consecutive waves of Horde on Insane of higher with out any Players equipping any Cards.

Get Destroyed… - 40G - Kill a Boss with a Snub Pistol.

Girl Power! - 25G - Finish a match with all Players playing as female characters.

Come fly with me - 100G - Achieve the rank of Wings 1.

(Al McB) #1294

And 2 more for a round dozen:

  1. Everybody was kung fu fighting - For 5 consecutive waves on Normal or higher, use only melee hits on ground-based enemies. (No chainsaws, sentries etc. Might get glitched by exploding trackers though.)

  2. We’ll get 'rite on it - Play 30 matches in special events. (A tribute to the only unobtainable cheevo in the Gears series [to my knowledge], Sybarite in Judgment. 3 years and counting…)

(Tuxi1985) #1295

finished 5 different times challenge in gears of war 4


Complete Gears of war 1-4 with all Gamersscore

(GeneraITrapstar) #1296

Achievement Requirements: Get 25 super kills with the Longshot

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Name: He Tried To Cross The Gunline Boss

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Description:

(Jake Roden) #1297

Achievement Requirements: Get headshotted within 2 seconds of a poorly timed reload whilst playing as Benjamin, Clayton or Gary Carmine in versus multiplayer.

Achievement Name: Sibling Rivalry (50G)

Achievement Description: Anthony would be proud!

(Kurt Crispin) #1298

embry star - perform 10,000 kills -50G. and Hall of fame of gears - get seriously 4.0, star embry, perform 10 re-up’s, complete the campaign in inconceivable - 100G