Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(Honored Onion) #1258

Emergence Day- press start

(MinoTauroRock 2) #1259

For the UIR: play with UIR characters in a team of 5 people in horde mode. 100 g
This is for paduk: play in Escalation with UIR characters and win games 10 times. 25 g and character unlocking garron paduk dia-v.
This is an idea, I hope and like it. We would have a pack called delta young that takes the characters of gears of war jugdment Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird, would have a cost of 2000 cr and 400 cr or se can also be scrapped.

(Gear64) #1260

I Stand Alone - Complete a private horde match of waves 1-50 on Hardcore difficulty by yourself.

(darkerbydesign) #1261

Get 25 “stab em” ribbons as ramm
Achievement name: Sssuffferr!
Achievement description : reunite 25 COG players with Minh Young Kim by getting 25 “stab em” ribbons as ramm

(OX Lamb Of God) #1262

here are some ideas of success !! save a friend from a knife execution, have 5000 scrap points, possessed at least one esport skin, finish mvp on each mode of games

(mendigo2005) #1263

So, if you’re not time committed to the game, why propose something that lengthy?

(The lMlan) #1264
  1. In versus, complete a round of Dodgeball without anyone on your team being killed.
    Average Joes
    Show your team understands the five D’s of Dodgeball by having a round without any player dying.

  2. In versus, earn 5 assists on the same enemy player without being killed by that player. Essentially like earning the “Nemesis” ribbon but without killing the player.
    Close, but no cigar. Earn 5 assists on an enemy before they kill you in a Versus match.

(sabreguitar1) #1266

on the Wings of love

Reach wings 5 (100g)

(jaceinurface666) #1267

“Hero”- 100g: Finish the round when you’re the only survivor: only available in multiplayer
“kisses”-100g: win a chainsaw battle


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(patches 2 xoxo) #1269

You should add an achievement for frag kills , you added all kinds of gun achievements but never any just plan 100 frag kills …

(tuhin94) #1270

Sorry, That’s Never Happened To Me Before

Go in and out real fast by completing a round of Guardian or Warzone in under 90 seconds.

Side note
I loved the innuendo some of the older achievements had, so it would be cool to see something like that in one of the last ones for Gears 4.

(The lMlan) #1271
  1. In versus, earn the “MVP” ribbon and the “Rough Day” ribbon in the same match.
    You should see how they look
    Earn the most points and the most deaths in a match of Versus.

  2. In versus, down or kill an enemy within 3 seconds of them being revived from the DBNO state.
    Stand up…Fall down!!!
    _ To the left! To the right! Down or kill an enemy within 3 seconds of them getting revived in Versus._

(TARDIS1224) #1272

Pistol for days- complete the entire game only using pistoles

(DarthDara) #1273

Name: What Ring?
Requirements: Capture 1000 and break 500 rings in ring based modes.
Description: You show your bravery by going into the enemy’s ring guns blazing.

Name: Hawk Eye
Objective: Spot 10000 enemies in Horde/Versus
Description: Your vision is exquisite, and you are always aware of your surroundings and also your teammates.

(The lMlan) #1274
  1. In versus, win 25 rounds of Escalation by holding all 3 rings at the same time. i.e. Earn 25 “Three and Out” ribbons.
    The best defense is a good offense
    Keep on the offensive! Win 25 rounds of Escalation by holding all 3 rings at the same time.

  2. In Versus, earn a kill with a planted Flame Grenade.
    Said the cunning Spider to the Fly
    Prove your warm affection for an enemy by killing them with a planted Flame Grenade in Versus.

(ImperiousRex21) #1275

Sit Down - 50GS

Get both MVP and Smooth Operator in a single multiplayer match (public only)

(Drayg0nPrime) #1276

Name: Chickapalooza

Requirements: Play 50 Waves of Inconceivable Horde as all Female players and don’t use any type of strikes in the Fabricator.

Description: “We don’t need no stinkin strikes!” The Female COGS come together to kick ■■■ in this epic shoot out of 50 waves of Horde.

(Jimmy Hunterz) #1277

Do 3 executions with each main weapon in a single game (lancer , gnasher and snub) 30G

(The lMlan) #1278
  1. In versus, earn at least 20 unique ribbons in a single match.
    Decorated Soldier
    Prove you are a well versed COG in the machine by earning 20 unique ribbons in a versus match.

  2. In versus, earn 10 “Death From Beyond” ribbons.
    Vengeful spirit
    Didn’t get the kill in this life? Resort to getting your revenge in the next 10 times in Versus.

  3. In versus, earn 3 “No Respect” ribbons in the same match.
    Rodney Danger-Gears
    I get no respect. Try earning some by earning 3 “No Respect” ribbons in a Versus match.

  4. In horde, finish a Wave with all kills by the team coming from guns picked up from Supply Drops. i.e. Finish the wave earning kills with only Salvos and/or Dropshots picked up from opening Supply Drops (any other Supply Drop guns?). I do not include any of the grenades as a soldier would have an endless amount after picking one up with the “Resupply” skill equipped. Otherwise, I would have said any weapon from a Supply Drop.
    Cache killers
    Earn some Supply Drops and complete a Wave of Horde using only guns received from Supply Drops.