Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(Cizikas x 53) #1238

Achievement Name: It’s not Luck, It’s Skill! 10G
Requirements: Get a blind-fire head shot with the Long Shot in any multiplayer playlist.
Achievement Description: Your friends will tell you it was luck, you’ll say it was skill, but we all know the truth.

(W2G Nitro) #1239

Title: Hit the Nitrous
Description/Requirements: Complete the entire campaign in under 4 hours on any difficulty.
(FYI This can be completed in well under 3 hours even Solo)

Title:How About a Hug?
Description/Requirements: Defeat a Carrier or Snatcher by frag tagging it.

(GunsenCat) #1240

Myrra is Proud: As a Swarm kill 1000 enemy players (Online)

Ramm is Proud: As a Swarm kill 1000 enemys with knives

Aknowlegde the past: In campaing mode find the cogs of Dominic

(The lMlan) #1241
  1. In campaign, in Act 5 Chapter 3 you need to get the Thrashball to appear by kicking the car through the 2 tree limbs and then get the Thrashball all the way to the dam at the end of the level. You need to carry it to the area with the final Swarmak fight for the achievement to unlock. (See the picture of the location and the fact that it is possible below)
    CTL Rushing Record
    Set the Coalition Thrashball League Rushing Record by carrying a Thrashball through Act 5 Chapter 3.


(Ion Samurai) #1242

“I’m not doing this for you”

Get a kill with each weapon in one match of Arms Race.

(Wisdom Thumbs) #1243

Golden Child

Requirements: “Complete Co-Op Inconceivable with 40% or better headshot accuracy, counter three Swarm yanks/kicks, and without equipping Easter Egg weapons”

Description: “Made mom and Dom proud.”

In honor of my little brother, James. RIP

(Froggy Chickenn) #1244

Lord of the Rings - 50G
Break 1000 enemy controlled ring objectives.
“I can’t carry it for you… but I can carry you!”

(Wisdom Thumbs) #1245

Froggy, that might be the best achievement idea yet.

(Froggy Chickenn) #1246

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Greglicious) #1247

I know a lot of people tend to do this when I use to play. So I figured it would be kinda funny.

Win a made game in which you never use the Gnasher.
I do more than Two Piece

(TheDeuterostome) #1248

Sometimes, dead is better- Kill a zombie character a certain amount of times

(JITheThunder) #1249

Achievement: upgrade each and every horde skill card for all the 5 classes to level 6.


(mendigo2005) #1250

So, Coalition wouldn’t make achievements retroactive…

If a guy already has all cards maxed out, would he need to start a new character?

(JITheThunder) #1251

he must get achievement unlocked immediately after update like it happened in past for multiple achievements.

(mendigo2005) #1252

Even so that’s not something I find FUN or challenging.

Just grindy, so no thumbs up!

(JITheThunder) #1253

no problem, it is just an idea. this could be challenging for an avg player. you are thinking from much higher level and from point of view of gamer who spends more than 10 hour a day.

collecting that much credit and making so much scrap doesn’t seem day job to me.

(pureVulgarity) #1254

Achievement Requirements: As Cole Train, end an enemy players kill streak (5 or more kills).

Achievement Name: Derailed!

Achievement Description: In multiplayer (any mode) while playing as Cole Train, eliminate an enemy player, by any means, that is on a kill streak of 5 or more player-controlled enemies.

(pureVulgarity) #1255

Achievement Requirements: As Cole Train, defend a control point from 3 enemies.

Achievement Name: All Aboard!

Achievement Description: In multiplayer (KOTH or Escalation) while playing as Cole Train, defend a contest point from 3 enemies in one life.

(Ezq) #1256

I Am No Man: Win 50 Multiplayer Player Matches as any Female Character

How’d My Boot Taste?: Perform 50 Curb Stomps in Horde or Versus Multiplayer

(Ezq) #1257

Hawk Eye: Earn a headhsot kill within 5 seconds of picking up the Longshot in Versus Multiplayer

Power Hungry: Pick up the Boomshot or Dropshot 5 times and earn at least one kill each time in a Single Match in Versus Multiplayer

Retribution: Execute your Nemesis 50 times in versus multiplayer