Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(FIALHO 94 SP) #1218

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(FIALHO 94 SP) #1219

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(FuNkeDEE) #1220

Achievement name - Sharing Is Caring

Share weapons and ammo with teammates a 100 times.

(Mock) #1221

Achievement name ( Trust No One ) kill yourself with A boom shot 10g … it’s a very easy and simple achievement

only on Multiplayer

description : (you can’t even trust yourself)

(ThreeCorando) #1222

“Are we friends now?”
Complete the whole campaign with 1 player (multiple sittings acceptable)

(slapersilly) #1223

Meat grinder- 3 or more people shooting same person with tri-shot or mulcher

(Mock) #1224

Achievement name : Dont Trust Anyone

How to get the achievement

( shoot a boom shot on the ground )


Description (you can’t even trust yourself)
And my name wherever

(The lMlan) #1225
  1. In campaign, let the DBs and Swarm kill 5 of each other during the fight as soon as you enter the City of Speyer in Act 5 Chapter 1.
    The enemy of my enemy…
    Let the Swarm and DBs kill at least 5 of each other at the gates of Speyer in Act 5 Chapter 1.

  2. In campaign, destroy all of the pods in the Armadillo Factory in Act 5 Chapter 1.
    Health and Safety Inspector
    Talk about a hostile work environment. Pop every Pod in the Armadillo Factory in Act 5 Chapter 1.

(TheGearsProdigy) #1226

Achievement name:
Your a true Gears fan!
Achievement description:
Unlock all Achievements in Gears 4

(GBA x XyLaN x) #1227

Achievement: Finish Where it Started
Score: 50G
Description: While playing as General Raam, kill Marcus or Dom in a multiplayer match with a Torque Bow.

(jetztorm) #1228

Fight for your Country. 50G
all your team with the same flag win a match in multiplayer.

(MercInTheMist) #1229

Achievement: I’ll See You In Hell! -20g
How: While you are down, kill the enemy who downed you by detonating your grenade. (Versus Only)

Achievement: It Was All Because Of You… -50g
How: Complete a match of Horde with all teammates except you dead or downed. (Hardcore and above)

Achievement: I’m Not A Carmine! -100g
How: Complete a Horde match with no deaths or downs. (Hardcore and above).

(ssrjazz) #1230

Revenge of the Carmines: Complete 50 waves of Horde with a team of all Carmine characters

(oG SlipStreamZ) #1231

Now that’s what i call love: Win 10 games of any gamemode using, Kait, Del, JD, Oscar, and Reyna

Idk what made this come to my head but i just think it would be a great idea

(Froggy Chickenn) #1232

Ohhh… awkward… 30G
perform an execution with every weapon in the game… while an enemy team mate watches in horror.

I came here to eat bananas and kick ■■■… and I’m all out of bananas.

(Nevets) #1233

Requirement: Kill one of every enemy using it’s main weapon, e.g. kill a sniper with a longshot, DR-1 with an overkill, juve with melee, deadeye with an embar etc. (would probably have to exclude the boss enemies)
Name: Now THAT’s Irony
Description: Kill every enemy using their primary weapon

(Embry Starred) #1234

Achievement name: I believe I can fly (or I believe I can fly, I believe I can pounce the sky)
Requirements: Kill a pouncer mid air with any weapon before it lands. (Campaign or horde)

(HelloKappa) #1235

Impossible. “Win a Game Of Blood Drive Without Using The Lancer Once.”

(NS lnsanity) #1236

3 head shot sniper and boltok in the same game and the achievement could be hunting heads

(BLINKx182xLIVE) #1237

2FERONE (20G):

  • Get a nade kill and follow it up with any weapon kill (need 20 of these total across multiplayer matches to unlock achievement).

LittleSusieIsProud (COG) (50G):

  • Used the same COG character for 50 multiplayer matches (one time achievement, total use - doesn’t have to be consecutive ).

LoyalMinion (Locust) (50G):

  • Used the same LOCUST character for 50 multiplayer matches (one time achievement, total use- doesn’t have to be consecutive)

Kooobe! (100G):

  • Get kills with both of your frag grenades (100 total required)

TurretToSeeYouToo (50G):

  • Get one kill with a turret on all multiplayer maps that have a turret.