Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(rafa1000house) #1198


I suggested to my friend guif87 to post an achievement that make The Coalition to remeber to fix Sybarite achievement on Gears of War: Judgment :laughing:

Achievement name: Epic Judgment or Sybarite Fixer
To unlock: As Baird, playing as engineer, earn 30 REPAIR MAN ribbons.
After unlocking achievement description: Proved that you can fix things let behind on the battlefield

(Krylon Blue) #1199




Name: Brum-Brum- Brum-Brum-Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Perameters: Complete a versus match by only killing your enemies with executions.
Description: We have created a monster!

(Ahvestro) #1201

Triple Double - in King of the hill or Escalation get double digits in kills, caps and breaks.
Dante would be proud - Kill 100 enemies with incendiary grenades.
Moshpit - Get a quin or quad while standing in the ring.
alright delta - Run as a squad using Classic Marcus, Dom, Baird, Cole and Anthony through Clayton Carmine or anya or sam.
MY BACK - Carry a team to victory by being the only player on the team going positive in k.d ratio.

(PhoenixFist1701) #1202

Hammer Toe
Get 50 kills by doing the last damage on an enemy in cover by a boot in the face as you mantle the cover .

(Horde Legend) #1203

I think this idea took the lead as the absolute worst achievement idea so far

(LMAdeadmau5) #1204

soy una leyenda en el anillo :gana 10 partidas competitivas de escalada o rey de la colina

(mizzelphug) #1205

What’s my role again?
As any class except Engineer, be the only player building and repairing fortifications for 50 consecutive waves.

Misappropriation of funds
Get the Scout’s X-Ray card to Level 6 and equip it for 50 consecutive waves

There’s gold in them thar hills!
Scrap 10 legendary cards

(PhoenixKabibble) #1206

Get 30 hip fire headshots with the boltok or snub pistol on swarm foes.

Aim to misbehave

Get 30 hip fire headshots with a pistol on swarm enemies.

(SwagyPepe101) #1207

I think a cool achievement or achievements would be like a collection thing where there be like a group of characters example: Locust once you collect all those characters you get an achievement called “Character collection: Locust”. You could also create a collection group for weapon skins as well like “Weapon Collection: Flaming skins” which you get for collecting those skins, And you could do that for all the skins in the game just for the completionists out there who collect everything.

(The lMlan) #1208
  1. In horde, get executed by a DB with the electric whip.
    50 shades of DB
    Have a DB grind your gears with an electric whip in Horde.
    (But wait, is there an electric whip in the game??? See the video of it below! Great execution I never knew existed until last month when my friend died by it in front of my eyes and was kind enough to share the recording he took of it with me.)
  1. In campaign, defeat the Carrier you run into after powering the elevator in Act 4 Chapter 4 without any of the pods getting popped. Like in the test run video below.
    Let sleeping Juvies lie
    Avoid popping any of the Pods during the Carrier fight in Act 4 Chapter 4 of the Campaign.
  1. In private versus, be a spectator of a private match.
    I spy with my little eye
    Get a birds eye view of the action as a spectator in a Private Versus Match.

(fox is not op) #1209

Achievement Requirements: As the last member of your team in a ranked match, survive for over two minutes.

Achievement Name: Come and Get me! If you can.

Achievement Description: Specific gamemodes could be excluded or included, and maybe only as the very last spawn. This would eliminate being the ‘last’ player when the rest of your team will be spawning in a few seconds…

(The lMlan) #1210
  1. In campaign, defeat the Kestrel at the beginning of Act 2 Chapter 3 with a Salvo on at least Hardcore difficulty.
    Falcon Punch
    Use an enemy’s Salvo to blow Jinn’s Kestrel out of the sky in Act 2 Chapter 3. (Hardcore)

  2. In horde, have all 5 players interact with the switch on the map Harbor or Harbor Haze.
    All hail the magic conch
    All hail the magic conch! Woololololol! Everyone honk the horn in a Horde match on Harbor.
    (That’s a Spongebob reference before I look like I have lost all my marbles :grin: )

  3. In horde, complete a kill based wave challenge with the final kill needed to complete the challenge coming on the final enemy of a wave. Challenges would include Turret Kills, Headshot Kills, Execution Kills, Kills in a rolling 30 seconds, Chainsaw/Bayonet Kills (Did I miss any?) i.e. to earn the achievement during a Headshot Challenge wave, the 7th and final headshot to complete the Challenge needs to come on the final enemy of the wave.
    Cutting it close
    Complete a Horde Challenge by getting the final kill of the Challenge on the last enemy of a Wave.

(samitx) #1211
  1. Back to beginning. (Volver al inicio) 50G
    Won a match with a team that used characters from Gears of War 1
    (Ganó una partida con un equipo que usó personajes de Gears of War 1.)
    (Team COG and Swarm)

  2. Sequels of war. (Secuelas de Guerra) 50G
    Won a match with a team that used characters from Gears of War 2
    (Ganó una partida con un equipo que usó personajes de Gears of War 2.)
    (Team COG and Swarm)

  3. The third time’s the charm. (La tercera es la vencida) 50G
    Won a match with a team that used characters from Gears of War 3
    (Ganó una partida con un equipo que usó personajes de Gears of War 3.)
    Currently there are 6 characters of the E day (Marcusof the V Day, Hoffman V Day, Gear of the V Day, Clayton Carmine, Anya of V Day and Sam V Day)
    (Team COG)

  4. Eternal rivalry (Rivalidad eterna) 50G
    In a Match COG have (Classic Marcus, Classic Dom, Classic Baird, Classic Cole, and optional “Minh, Tai, Sam, Anya or and Hoffman”) and Swuarm (Only Locust NO Swuarms)

(Furyan76) #1212

5 kills with 5 different executions in the same game (horde / versus)

10 kills with nades in a versus game

Kill with all different weapons available on the map in the same versus match

(xazviage) #1213

Complete any horde variant on any difficulty solo 50g

I AM the horde

Complete any horde mode solo, any class, any difficulty any cards. One man army taking down the horde single handedly

(l Snowman I) #1214

30G • Carmine’s Curse

Earn the Carmine Star ribbon in a ranked versus match playing as either Anthony , Benjamin , Clayton or Gary Carmine .

Gamertag l Snowman I :snowman_with_snow:
8:00 am EST August 4th

(mendigo2005) #1215

I would upvote it if it were insane+.


Achievement Requirements: Get the Swift Vengeance Ribbon with the Final Word Ribbon at the end of a victorious ranked match.

Achievement Name: ?
Achievement Description: ?

(The lMlan) #1217
  1. In campaign, be killed by running into a tree on your Mule in Act 2 Chapter 4.
    Forest Moon of Endor
    Do your best Scout Trooper impression and destroy your Mule on the side of a tree in Act 2 Chapter 4.

  2. In campaign, complete Act 3 Chapter 1 without running, rolling, or taking cover. (Essentially you can only use the analog stick to move around)
    A midnight stroll
    Take a breather by walking through all of Act 3 Chapter 1. It’s as calm as you’ll get.

  3. In campaign, destroy all pods in Monktrip Alley of Act 3 Chapter 1.
    Don’t tell me how to live my life
    Don’t listen to Marcus and destroy all the Pods in Monktrip Alley during Act 3 Chapter 1.