Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(The lMlan) #1178
  1. In versus, get a headshot kill with a Boltok using hip-fire.
    It’s high noon
    The Locust might hire you as a Bolter if you Boltok an enemy’s head off while hip-firing in Versus.

  2. In versus, complete a match as any character in dress uniform after October 11, 2018; the second anniversary of the launch of Gears of War 4. Characters include Dress Uniform Cole, Hoffman, and Sam AND E-Day Anya (as this variant of Anya is in Officer Uniform)
    Dress for the occasion
    To the nines. Complete a versus match with any character in dress uniform after October 11, 2018

  3. In campaign, complete the Pendulum Wars section of the Prologue with all of your kills coming from the Markza only on at least Hardcore.(Grenade Kill to open the bunker door is allowed). This includes NO grenade kills outside of opening the bunker door, turret kills, environmental explosion kills from shooting oil drums, and The Despicable You.
    It’s not a gun, it’s a comrade
    Successfully infiltrate the UIR base in the Prologue using only the Markza for kills. (Hardcore)

  4. In campaign, earn 10 kills with the Boltok during the Anvil Gate section of the Prologue on at least Hardcore.(Boltok is hidden underneath of a truck near spawn)
    Blasts before the blast
    You may just be a Medic, but you can get 10 kills with a Boltok before Anvil Gate is saved. (Hardcore)

(Krylon Blue) #1179

I’m getting flashbacks to when I played Overwatch.

It’s high noon!

(The lMlan) #1180

I’ve never even played it. I had a supervisor who had “Nerf This!” as a ringtone…That is as far as I go with Overwatch references.

(zero dragon 10) #1181

Ruby Locust Queen Challenge: 6000 kills in ranked versus online execution mode. 400G

Ruby Locust Queen: To unlock the Ruby locust queen you must gather 6000 kills in Ranked versus online execution mode.

Diamond Locust Queen: Reach Diamond Tier 1 on execution mode to unlock the Diamond Locust Queen.

(Destro WOD) #1182

Seriously i read some of the stuff and its obvious you guys are trolling or something. You want to make worst stuff than TC… CMON NOW.

(TdamageReborN) #1183

Sitting on the Throne- Get Diamond Master in 2 or more playlists. 100g

(Broxto) #1184

Achievement Name: Horde God
Achievement Requirements: Beat 50 waves of Horde in a row with each class and in every difficulty.
Achievement Description: It has to be each difficulty for each class and the 50 waves have to be at least with 1 partner.

(x Darko74 x) #1185

Hopefully if they introduce Raams Shadow packs, then the Cog characters are included for these achievements." Barrik & Valera beat down" 15-20G,in a versus match with two people as one of the characters respectively, you can perform a dual execution by pressing the Y button at the same time while both standing over victim! Barrik will grab and restrain the victim while Valera beats them around the head with her handbag or snub whichever you prefer :joy: and Barrik finishes the execution off by flicking his cigar at their heads as they fall to their knees and die!
Another linked achievement, “Sweet Revenge” 10G, if you perform this on Raam himself, as Barrik flicks his cigar at Raam’s head Valera blows a kiss!

(J4CKA1) #1186

So, once jetpacks are introduced, you have to swoop through all the little “window” parts on the map Foundation while holding the menu button so your scoreboard is up while you empty all of you flamethrower ammo before landing and then finish by exploding your jetpack on an enemy player by overheating it before you touch the ground.

Thor Goes Boom 550gs

(Littlejamtart) #1187

**Achievement Name : **

Juviee tiiiiiimber : 30g

Achievement Requirements:

Collectively chainsaw 1000 juviees in any horde match.

Achievement Description:


(GeckoAgneau501) #1188

Lambent character pack gears of war 4😉

(The lMlan) #1189
  1. In campaign, dodge all obstacles without taking damage while riding the lift cable back up to the surface in Act 4 Chapter 1.
    Swing through a cavern like the king of the jungle in Act 4 Chapter 1 without taking any damage.

  2. In versus, earn “The Double” ribbon by using 2 different pick up weapons for each kill. i.e. get a kill with a Hammerburst, followed by a quick succession kill with the Boltok. This would also unlock if earning “The Triple” ribbon or better with 2 different pick up weapons. i.e. get a Boomshot double kill to earn “The Double” ribbon and then get a quick succession kill with an Overkill to earn “The Triple”.
    Double dipping
    Pop. Swap. Pop. Earn a double kill with each kill coming from a different pick up weapon in Versus.

  3. In versus, kill yourself with the Boomshot after being damaged by an enemy. The enemy earns the “10-56 In Progress” ribbon and the player earns this achievement.
    Duck season. Fire!
    Suffering succotash. You couldn’t effectively aim a Boomshot at the enemy in Versus.

(Escaped Madman) #1190

Achievement parameters: Killed 100 times by a headshot in multiplayer.

Achievement name: I have a headache! (20G)

Achievement Description: Shot in the head and killed 100 times in multiplayer

(rafa1000house) #1191

You guys need some friends to play together. I can’t see how its different from play with 5 soldiers for “Do You Even Lift?” achievement.

  • create a lobby, invite 4 friends, pick those characters, play versus, win.Simple! You can do it even against bots.

How this is near impossible?

(J4CKA1) #1192

Probably because you can pick the map and run it for the soldier one. With this it’s all up to chance. There’s still an element of voting and the odds that the map you need comes up in succession 48 times is nil.

(AtomicKing74) #1193

Achievement Requirements: Chainsaw every chainsaw-able enemy type

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Name: You Know IT is a Gun Too Right?

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Description: Chainsaw every enemy type that is chainsaw-able (Pouncer, Juvie, Drone, Shepard)

(Krylon Blue) #1194

For one, Do you Even Lift is a one and done challenge. Even if it required other maps I could go into a private match and select each map I wanted to do and continue to progress on with the achievement. The idea of using a team of specific skins in a Versus environment, unless private is allowed, is tedious and nothing more an an unnecessary grind. For one, how is it even fun to pick a specific skin while hoping you’re on the COG team? Plus, you’re forgetting stacks are generally placed onto the Swarm team so you would actually have to rely on randoms at least 48 times if you want this achievement. As for doing this against bots, no thank you. Do You Even Lift required some skill to accomplish which made it an entertaining challenge. Playing against bots while hoping the map(s) you need are up to be voted for us a grind that has no entertainment involved whatsoever. Remember, they’re trying to keep the game populated and by adding such tedious achievements that are impossible to obtain in ranked and Social you’re only going to drive players away from Ranked.

(rafa1000house) #1195

you forget the part where you are playing with friends so they are going to vote with you. I agree that playing against bots would be boring though, Even against other players It is not impossible at all as Krylon said.
I agree that there are a lot of better and funnier ideas than “play with skin” achievements but I still prefer them than any Wing 10 or diamond achievement.

(Krylon Blue) #1196

I don’t believe Wings 10 or Diamond achievements should exist either. I could see maybe Wings 1 because if you’re going for 100% completion the odds are you should easily hit it but beyond that it’s just a grind. Also, as someone who’s been Diamond I am against these too. Achievements should be obtainable by all with some effort but reality is the majority aren’t able to reach Diamond which makes it a horrible idea for an achievement.

(Destro WOD) #1197

Exactly. Wings 10 is just a terrible long grind. I played GOW4 a ton and im just Wing 2. If you ain’t speed run the horde 7/7 you are hardly not getting it.

As for diamond too much is based on factors like if you play with a full team or by yourself, the general population left on the game (seem only a certain % can be diamond at the same time)

Terrible achievement ideas.

I just hope they go with something funny and fun. Not something grindy and tedious or over the top hard.

I kinda like the idea of the dude chainsawing every ennemy type… Why not? Stuff like that.