Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(The lMlan) #1155
  1. In campaign, finish Act 1 Chapters 2 & 3 without purchasing any weapons from the Fabricator to help defend yourself on at least Hardcore difficulty.
    Fabricator Frugal
    Kick some robot can without using the Fabricator in Act 1 Chapters 2 & 3. (Hardcore)

  2. In campaign, finish Act 1 Chapter 4 without building any fortifications from the Fabricator to help defend yourself on at least Hardcore difficulty. Weapon purchases are okay.
    Show Jinn you don’t need fortifications to stop her robots in Act 1 Chapter 4. (Hardcore)

  3. In campaign, finish Act 3 Chapter 5 without building any fortifications from the Fabricator to help defend yourself on at least Hardcore difficulty. Weapon purchases are okay.
    Into the fab-yss
    Survive an elevator ride to hell without the help of fortifications in Act 3 Chapter 5. (Hardcore)

  4. In campaign, finish Act 5 Chapter 2 without building any fortifications from the Fabricator to help defend yourself on at least Hardcore difficulty. Weapon purchases are okay.
    Money to Speyer
    Outlast the horde of Swarm at Speyer without making fortifications in Act 5 Chapter 2. (Hardcore)

  5. In campaign, finish all Chapters with the Fabricator without building any fortifications from the Fabricator. Weapon purchases are okay.
    All I need are my guns. Complete the Campaign without making any fortifications. (Hardcore)

UPDATED - Altered the requirements for each achievement idea to make them possible. Must purchase something to begin the next part in Act 1 Chapter 4; so I updated the requirements for #118- #121 to be you cannot purchase fortifications. You can purchase a weapon to get things rolling.

Act 1 Chapters 3 I included into #117 since you can still purchase weapons from the Fabricator at this time.

(The lMlan) #1156

You’re right! I’m gonna update that and add a new name option to it. :+1:

(That Fatslob) #1157

I’m Fat, Lets Party! 50g- (be the lifetime of the party) Join any rank match solo and win as MVP against a team of at least 4.

(J4CKA1) #1158

Sheesh. Seriously. Lol

(Achilles741) #1159

Achievement Name: Memento to the Fallen

Achievement Requirements: Hold both Dom’s Toms and Memento Mori at the same time on Insane difficulty or higher.

Had this idea a month or so ago:

Achievement Name: You shall not pass!

Achievement Requirement: Destroy 2 Brumaks at the battle of Anvil Gate (hardcore difficulty or higher)

Achievement Name: Sharing is caring

Achievement Requirement: Swap weapons with someone, getting 10 kills with their weapon, 10 times. (hardcore difficulty or higher).

Achievement Name: You can handle it /OR/ Think mine’s jammed

Achievement Requirement: When defending the village, do not fire a single bullet from your guns. (hardcore difficulty or higher)

(CiviI Knight) #1160

Kill one of every type of enemy in a single horde match

Name: All Star (30g)
Description: Vanquished the horde

(RedAlertSteve) #1161

I’d love to see this one again:

*Foreshadowing… Again - 30 G
As RAAM, yank execute E-Day Minh 10 times in Ranked or Competitive matches only.

(The Evil Moo) #1162

Close, but no cigar(10g) - Did exactly 83% damage 10 times.


Achievement only for real players

(Rabid Czun) #1165

Achievement Requirements: You (not another player) must kill the last player that killed you and took your picked-up power weapon. Then pick up the same power weapon when they drop it. Of course they need to be holding/using it in order to drop it, so pick your moment. Do this three times in one match (versus public only).

Achievement Name: MINE, MINE, MINE!

Achievement Description: Repossess a power weapon from the last player that killed you, three times in one versus match.

(Krylon Blue) #1166


An achievement that requires your entire team to be a specific character is for real players. There is absolutely nothing about picking a specific skin that makes you any more of a real player than the next person. You wouldn’t even accomplish this yourself because it would require 48 (or double the number of actual maps, can’t remember the number) wins, twice on a specific map and always the COG team. assuming you got the maps in the proper order and your team picked the characters. The chances of getting this without a stack is 0% and all achievements should be based on my skill and not the actions of others.


Come on man, have you seen seriously 3.0 with 100G?

(Krylon Blue) #1168

Yes I have but that doesn’t make your achievement any better. Think about how luck based this is… it’s even worse than Forza 7 where you need to have the game on your side by

  1. Being selected to start last
  2. Finish 1st
  3. Has to be a 24 player lobby with no quitters or it won’t count.

Circumstantial isn’t acceptable. It never was and never will be. Tour De Force was ridiculous enough trying to get players to vote just so I could play on it. But now you want to get lucky on the vote, the team I’m on, proper skins and a team I can count on for a victory? Too many variables.

(Rabid Czun) #1169

Achievement Requirements: Revive the same player at least ten times throughout a match to keep them alive every round in a match (versus public only).

Achievement Name: Brother’s Keeper

Achievement Description: Blood runs deep, and you will NOT let your teammate drown in it.


Is possible to unlocked legends of Sera? To me: not, but it’s the beauty of difficult achievements

(J4CKA1) #1171

That’s comparing apples to oranges though, bud.

(Krylon Blue) #1172

Yes, it’s actually very easy to unlock Legends of Sera. You are counting on one friend or player to beat the game with you. No where do you have to count on the game to give a specific map, team choice, players that pick characters and then a victory. Your idea isn’t difficult; it’s ridiculous and luck based. Difficulty is playing though something like Halo 5 Solo on Legendary. Counting on a team of randoms to vote? Not so much. Plus, stacks generally get Swarm so good luck getting more than 0.00% (aka no one!) to unlock it.

It’s way different. It’s not even close and comparing the two shows how out of touch you are with this. You’ll never 100% the game so you want to add in something you know is impossible but thankfully The Coalition is reasonable enough to see this is an impossible achievement.

Besides, there are those who got Legends of Sera by themselves. Use two controllers and other than the motorcycle part you can do it basically solo. So yes, it’s possible.


Well, thanks to let us know; for you it’s impossible, thankfully there are players who likes difficult, but the games would be for babys

(Aldcandis09) #1176

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(IChungus) #1177

Achievement name:I’m sowwy friend
Description steal someone’s kill then slowly walk away.