Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

(The lMlan) #1135
  1. In versus, complete a match in which you do not have a failed reload (jam your gun) and have at least 25 perfect active reloads. Successful reloads and standard reloads (the bar just completely gets passed by the active line) are okay.
    Everything Zen
    One with your weapons. Achieve 25 or more perfect reloads without failing in a versus match.

  2. In campaign, destroy all pods in the Snatcher boss fight cavern area in Act 3, Chapter 6.
    Where’s Waldo?
    Turn the Snatcher’s den upside down looking for Marcus and come up empty handed.

(J4CKA1) #1136

You have to be playing through this stuff again to think of some of these. Great work and keep it up!

(The lMlan) #1137

heh heh heh. I’m actually at work right now.
Shhhh :shushing_face: :sweat_smile:

114 I actually almost did in my first play through of campaign because I didn’t see the ramp fall down to go up to the room with Marcus in it and just heard the dialogue that he had to be around here somewhere…and missed the dialogue that none of those pods looked fresh enough. facepalm

(J4CKA1) #1138

I literally did do it in my first play through. I was so pissed because I thought my game had glitched…

< n00b

(The lMlan) #1139

Exactly why it should be an achievement. That way we look like fools for a reason.

(The lMlan) #1140

Quite frankly at this point I should play through campaign some to think up some more because I want to reach 150 suggestions so I have more ideas than the game has achievements.

(J4CKA1) #1141

For now… LOL

(The lMlan) #1142

I already have “more” achievements than the game as it is. The 149 in game includes story progression achievements, do this thing but on each difficulty, reach levels X Y and Z. If you only include the hardest or most time consuming of these then they are below 100 for sure.

They got some easy ones in the 149 already in the game.

I’m bringing some flavor to the table like they did with their update achievements (outside of the retroactive freebies that should have been in game at launch)

The playing campaign again achievements only get flak because they added them in increments. Had all those been out at launch you could have easily stacked some of them instead of playing through the campaign 5 times and it wouldn’t have been such a drag.

(Krylon Blue) #1143


I only give campaign achievements crap now because I’ve already gone though the campaign enough.

(The lMlan) #1144
  1. In horde, destroy 25 enemies with the explosion from an overloading DR-1
    Collateral damage anticipated OR Malfunctioning martyr
    Hardly a protector. Eliminate 25 enemies in Horde with explosions from an overloading DR-1.

  2. In Horde, destroy every Canker projectile fired from a Carrier’s chest before they impact a surface or player 10 times.
    Skeet shooting OR Canker sore
    You are the anti-air! Destroy every projectile from a Carrier before they can explode 10 times.

Thank you @TOF_brothers for the name of the projectiles from the Carrier. Had a brain fart.

(J4CKA1) #1145

Yeup. I’ve ceased playing completely until this new list is out. I assume since we’ll be using the same content that I can finish up some of the new list with items from older lists that I have yet to do.

(EdS Rhawnan25) #1146

Big Foot :perform 50 times the execution of crushing the head with the foot

(SmugDoomguy) #1147

When the shower is too hot -10G

Kill an enemy in any mode with an incendiary grenade by throwing it on a ceiling and making the flames drop from above

(starspawn2) #1148

True skill challenge

Get 5 Up A’s or Back A’s in a single game

(JimmyButtstuff) #1149

Achievement Requirement: Execute 250 enemies in any form of multiplayer with the curb stomp execution.

Achievement Name: Eat Boot!

Achievement Description: You saved some ammo by taking 250 enemies to the curb.

(alberlumendz) #1150

Get diamond in any game mode claims Kait Diamond Please would happy the community would be great kait diamond

(Horde Legend) #1151

God I can’t wait for this thread to be over with @J4CKA1

(TOF brothers) #1152


(DexterStar1) #1153

Ultimate Bagman (50g) - As a Scout, collect 500,000,000 power in Public or Private Horde.

You Call That a Marathon? (50g) - As a Scout run 5,000,000 steps in Public or Private Horde

(TOF brothers) #1154

I agree with you. Although the lightning reflex relies on other players using CCC on you which is something TC are trying not to rely on with achievements/challenges