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Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

I love the idea of achievements based on some of the lesser known easter eggs in the game. Make us go out of our way to find them and discover cool things that have been added to the game that maybe majority of people haven’t found yet. That would be awesome.


Challenge The Saw B*tch!: Get 3 chainsaw kills in one match as Aaron Griffin 20 times

Love that Pop!: Get 1000 headshots as any Carmine character in Horde or Versus Multiplayer

Who’s Next?: Get 10 “The Quint” medals in Versus Multiplayer

That’s from Dom: As Marcus, get a stabbing kill on Myrrah 10 times in Versus Multiplayer

Savage Victory: Win a Versus Match with each member playing as a Savage Locust Character (Savage Kantus, Black Steel Savage Kantus ,Savage Grenadier Elite, Savage Drone , Savage Grenadier)

Strong as Steel: Win a Versus Match as each member playing as any Black Steel character.

Never Stood A Chance: In Escalation, Win 7 rounds in a row 20 times.

I like em Shiny: Obtain 5 Diamond Weapon Skins

Revenge of the Fallen: As Zombie Kim, Get a stabbing kill on RAAM 10 times in Versus Multiplayer

Where ya going?: Execute 500 enemies in Horde or Versus Multiplayer


Charity Case - As the the Team Leader trade a power weapon to the lowest score team member in a ranked match.


As Baird destroy 20 DeeBees in multiplayer

Classic Delta - Win a match with each member of your team being a member from delta squad (Cole,Baird,Marcus, Dom and Kim

No Help needed-Win a match with active rounds

High priest- Revive 5 teammates in one match as kantus or savage kantus

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-Very Fancy-25G-Complete atleast 5 full weapon skin sets

-What’s Sleep?-50G-Complete atleast 200 hours of playtime across all playlists(ex. Horde/Versus/Campaign)


I mean no active rounds

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May u like this.
Gnasher God 125 G
Make 2000 kills with a gnasher shotgun in multiplayer casual,competitive or horde.


Jack of all trades

Get a kill with at least five different weapons in a match. Do it ten times. Ranked only.


This could prove an unpopular choice but how about something like;

Achievment requirements :
In vs multiplayer do the following:

  • Using any Raam variant, retro charge a Mihn.
  • Using any Skorge variant meatshield Tai
  • Using any Dom variant kill yourself and at least 3 enemies with an explosive.
  • Using any Marcus variant knife execute a Myrrah.

Achievment name :
“Whoah, I’m getting flashbacks” / “Ghost of gears past”

Achievment description :
You relived some of the most memorable moments of the gears saga, here have a cookie.

This achievement should be worth absolutely no gamerscore whatsoever. :+1:

Edit: I thought of another, since this threads getting real crowded already ill add any further suggestions in this post to keep things concise.

Achievment requirement :
Down an opponent with a smoke grenade then meatshield them. Do this x times.

Achievement name :
If you smoke you choke.

Achievement description :
You taught the kids a valuable lesson; smoking isn’t cool and shortens your life expectancy.
You may have a cookie.

Achievment requirement :
During a horde boss wave defeat the boss quickly enough to trigger a second to spawn, then kill that one within one minute. (of it spawning)
Do this x times. (or all 5 times in a single session)
Hardcore difficulty or higher.

Achievement name :
Is… Is that it?

Achievement description :
You defeated the biggest and baddest the swarm had to throw at you without even blinking or breaking a sweat.
Here, have another cookie :cookie:


Achievement requirement: get a triple kill with one torque bow bolt

Possible achievement name #1 : Three birds one stone?

Possible achievement name #2 : Right place, right time

My comments: does this seem like a cool achievement?

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Requirement-Get 3 Kills with One Dom Tom.
Achievement Name-Go Out With A Bang!
Description-Too Soon?
(Let you pick whatever G)

Have fun in delta style. 100G
Play 30 games in a team consisting of Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird and Minh.

Have fun as if it were 1999. 200G
Enjoy 1999 victories in confrontation

This is not fun. 250G
Complete 50 waves in inconceivable without spending energy.

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Try and take my guns…
Get 10 kills with every weapon in the campaign


Kantus blessing 150G
revive 200 teammates with a kantus character in multiplayer ,casual or ranked.

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Egg hunting- find and do three Easter eggs within campaign


Why horde? Hahahahaha😂


Requirement-Kill A Carmine While His Gun Is Jammed
Achievement Name-Oh Man Not Again!
Description-It’s like the families’ curse.


I would like this:
“Do it like a master” : Kill an enemy 100 times with the snub pistol in ranked matches.

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Carmine’s Fan 150 G
Play 3 matches with Anthony Carmine,Benjamin Carmine and Clayton Carmine or Gary Carmine,Zombie or normal version.
In multiplayer casual, ranked or horde.

  • Achievement requirement
    Achievement name
    Achievement description
  1. In versus, headshot a reloading Carmine character variant.
    My gun is jammed…
    Take advantage of a poor gear who is still getting down the knack of reloading.

  2. In versus, kill a variant of Raam, Myrrah, and Skorge as a Marcus.
    Just like they wrote it
    Send some high ranking grubs back underground with a war hero.

  3. In versus, kill yourself with an explosion as a variant of Dominic Santiago.
    See you soon Maria
    Bet you didn’t think it would end like this. Go out with a bang as a variant of Dominic Santiago.

  4. In versus, get a knife execution as a variant of Kim Minh.
    Minh-ced meat
    Mmmm… Juicy. Perform a knife execution as a variant of Kim Minh.

  5. In versus, down 5 enemies in a single match with the Enforcer while playing as a DB variant.
    Help us, help you
    Initiate suppression mode as a DB in versus with 5 downs on enemies with the Enforcer.

  6. In versus, get a hat trick ribbon while playing as any zombie character variant.
    Feed a zombies lust by pulling off 3 headshots in a row in versus.

  7. Get a kill with each pickup weapon on any map in a single round. (Minimum 3 pickups)
    Make lethal use of each pickup weapon in a round of versus.

  8. In versus, mantle kick 2 enemies while playing as a Dizzy Wallin variant.
    Betty boop
    Boop-boop bee-doop. Ooooh! Mantle kick multiple enemies in a versus match as Dizzy Wallin.

  9. Revive yourself from the DBNO state while playing as a zombie character variant.
    Return of the Living Dead
    I guess Hell is full! Revive yourself while down but not out while player as a zombie character.

  10. In versus, Kill a Locust, DB, and Swarm character in a single match.
    The Trifecta
    They will learn to fear the human race. Kill a locust, DB, and Swarm character in a versus match.

  11. In versus, reach a damage counter of exactly 83% after dying while playing as a variant of Augustus Cole.
    NUMBAH 83!!!
    The Cole Train don’t go woo-woo…have a damage counter of 83% after dying as Cole in versus.

  12. In versus, kill a marked enemy with the Markza 25 times.
    Judgment call
    It’s not a gun, it’s a comrade. Kill 25 marked enemies with the Markza in versus.

  13. Be killed by a lightning strike on the map Reclaimed Windflare. (Versus or Horde)
    1.21 Gigawatts!!!
    A broken clock will be the least of your worries. Get struck by lightning on Reclaimed Windflare.

  14. In versus matches, be killed by every different environmental effect.
    Environmentally unfriendly
    The forces of nature should be feared. Find out each way to fear your environment in versus.

  15. Finish a match on a team of 5 players, each with the same character equipped. (Horde or Versus)
    All around me are familiar faces
    I was very nervous, no one knew me. Complete a horde or versus match with 5 of the same character.

  16. In versus, execute an enemy with their own starting weapon you picked up from the battlefield.
    And I find it kinda funny…
    Teacher, tell me what’s my lesson. Pick up an enemy’s weapon and execute them with it in versus.

(This next one is assuming a lambent pack is coming in August)

  1. In versus, execute a lambent character or another player who has this achievement.
    Lambency 2.0
    It’s not contagious, is it? Execute a lambent character or another player with this achievement.

  2. In versus, defeat an enemy with the only damage they receive being from your melee attacks.
    Paper, paper, paper
    No need for rock or scissors. Defeat an enemy using only melee attacks in versus.

  3. In versus, win a round lasting no more than 30 seconds.
    Finish the war before it even begins. Win a round in under 30 seconds in a versus match.

  4. In versus, win a round lasting longer than 15 minutes.
    Trench warfare
    Make sure to check for trench foot. Win a round lasting longer than 15 minutes in a versus match.

  5. In versus, win a round in which you executed the leading scorer of the enemy team.
    Cut off the head of the snake…
    … And the body follows. Win a round that you executed the leading scorer of the enemy team.

  6. In versus, be on the losing team while playing as a Locust Character.
    You lost…TO HUMANS?!
    Disgraceful! Lost a match while playing as a locust character in versus.

  7. In versus, be on the losing team while playing as a COG character.
    Panty waste, lily livered…
    You’re not soldiers. You’re cowards. Lost a match while playing as a COG character in versus.

  8. Reached the maximum amount of tally marks on the score board in a single wave of horde.
    Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to kill you go, go, go. Fill the Horde scoreboard with your tally marks.

  9. In versus, win a match on each map that appeared in the original Gears of War.
    Reminds me of my first
    Maybe the smell of death reminds me most. Win a match on each map from the original Gears of War.

  10. While playing as a variant of Baird, destroy 100 DB Industries enemies in a single game of horde.
    Meet your maker
    He giveth and taketh away. Destroy 100 DB enemies in a horde match while playing as Damon Baird.

  11. While playing as a variant of Kait, defeat 100 Swarm enemies in a single game of horde.
    Family issues
    Can’t live with ‘em, kill ‘em. Kill 100 swarm enemies in a horde match while playing as Kait Diaz.

  12. In versus, get 3 kills with the Salvo in a match on the map Rustlung.
    Economic cut (diamond)backs
    It’s not a mech suit, but it’ll do. Get 3 kills with the Salvo in a versus match on Rustlung.

  13. In versus, get a headshot on Harbor Haze while the haze is over the map.
    Did you mist me?
    Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Headshot an enemy on a hazy harbor in a versus match.