Gears of War 4 – Design an Achievement Contest

Achievements are awesome. Our community is awesome. So we thought, why not combine the two to make something awesome together?!

Since Gears of War 4 launched almost 2 years ago, we’ve added 74 new achievements worth 2500 gamerscore to chase across Campaign, Horde and Versus. And now we’re almost done. With our next achievement list release, we’ll be adding the last 500 gamerscore ever for Gears of War 4 to end on a nice, neat, coincidentally appropriate total of 4000G.

In recognition of the upcoming 2nd Anniversary of Gears 4, we thought what better way to celebrate the game and - most importantly - our community, with an opportunity to help create one or several new achievements!

Starting today Friday, July 27th at 11am PT, we are opening this Forum thread to gather up all your ideas! Hurry and submit your ideas for requirements, names and descriptions on achievements you’d like to see in this final list.

On Tuesday, August 7th at 11am PT, we will close this Forum thread and go through your submissions with our panel of TC experts to pick the most creative/interesting/fun (and most importantly POSSIBLE) ideas!

To enter, please post your submission in this Forum thread using this template:

Achievement Requirements: Describe what would unlock the achievement (e.g. 100 kills at Anvil Gate in Campaign Prologue on Insane Difficulty)

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Name: No more than 44 characters (including spaces)

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Description: No more than 100 characters (including spaces) [please make sure that your description is as precise as possible]

Also, please note the following:

• We are not committing to a specific number of winners to give us flexibility and to allow us to focus on quality submissions and include as many of them as possible.

• There are no rewards for taking part of this contest other than the fun about having your achievement in the game. That definitely doesn’t exclude some very cool acknowledgement for the selected achievement creators though! (please note that only the original creator, i.e. the first post mentioning the selected idea(s) will be acknowledged)

• We might combine several ideas together to create one achievement (e.g. Gamertag A suggests “Do C”, Gamertag B suggests “Do D” – we create one achievement “Do C and D”).

• We reserve the right to modify any parameters of the achievement, including name, description and requirements.

• By submitting your achievement, we reserve the right to use the Gamertag(s) of the original achievement creator(s) in its description (unless the gamertag is found to be offensive, abusive or derogatory). This is not guaranteed, but it’s something we’d love to do.

Thanks, and good luck to all of you!


Ooooo would you look at this!? Discover all Easter eggs across campaign and multiplayer. - 100G.


(I’ll post them like this since i already had a list done while i work on the format you’re asking for)
Edit: On second thought, i think it fits the criteria and it’s easy to understand (Bold text = achievement name, line below = achievement description).

These are my suggestions, fun, challenging and come with natural play, the way achivements should be in my opinion.

Know Your Role II: Soldier
As a Soldier, kill 150 enemies with rifles other than the Lancer in one Horde match.
Know Your Role III: Soldier
As a Soldier, kill 50 enemies with grenades in one Horde match.
Know Your Role IV: Soldier
As a Soldier, kill 75 enemies with with the Active Reload Boost skill card in one Horde match.
Know Your Role II: Engineer
As an Engineer, upgrade fortifications 30 times in one Horde match.
Know Your Role III: Engineer
As an Engineer, have 20 fortifications placed at the same time in one Horde match.
Know Your Role IV: Engineer
As an Engineer, spend 10,000 power repairing fortifications with the Repair Boost skill card in one Horde match.
Know Your Role II: Scout
As a Scout, pick up all Power in a wave, five times, in one Horde match.
Know Your Role III: Scout
As a Scout, deposit a total of 50,000 Power in one Horde match.
Know Your Role IV: Scout
As a Scout, kill 100 enemies with shotguns with the Shotgun Damage skill card in one Horde match.
Know Your Role II: Heavy
As a Heavy, kill 150 enemies with explosive weapons in one Horde match.
Know Your Role III: Heavy
As a Heavy, kill 100 enemies with heavy weapons in one Horde match.
Know Your Role IV: Heavy
As a Heavy, kill 100 enemies with turrets with the Turret Damage skill card in one Horde match.
Know Your Role II: Sniper
As a Sniper, kill 100 enemies with headshots in one Horde match.
Know Your Role III: Sniper
As a Sniper, spot 75 enemies in one Horde match.
Know Your Role IV: Sniper
As a Sniper, spot 30 enemies with someone else getting the kill with the Called Shot skill card in one Horde match.
Know Your Unofficial Role I: Medic
Revive a downed player in a Horde match.
Know Your Unofficial Role II: Medic
Revive 5 downed players in a Horde match.
Know Your Unofficial Role III: Medic
Revive 5 dead players by picking up their tags and depositting them in the Fabricator in a Horde match.
Know Your Unofficial Role IV: Medic
Revive 10 downed/dead players with the Team Revive skill card in a Horde match.


Money Well Spent
Kill 5 bosses with either the Hammer of Dawn or Mortar Strike.
Kill 50 enemies with a Boltok in a Horde match.
You are not supposed to protect it
Kill 20 enemies while using the Fabricator as cover in a Horde match.
I’ll take that
Grab a fully loaded weapon someone else put in a Weapon Locker.
But that’s mine!
Place an empty weapon in a Weapon Locker and have someone else take it after it’s fully reloaded.
How do i math?
As a scout, pick at least 15000 Power before depositting it in the Fabricator with the Deposit Bonus skill card.
Fine! I’ll carry it myself
Pick up and place the Fabricator by yourself at the beginning of a Horde match.
Don’t do it…
Kill at least 10 enemies at the start of a wave in a Horde match with planted grenades.
Quit it!
Complete 5 waves in a row with sentry kills only in a Horde match.
Stop boosting!
Complete a wave in less than a minute, 5 waves in a row in a Horde match.


Get 20 Double Kills While Fully Red (90% or More Damage Taken) In Ranked Versus Matches.

Welcome to Gears, How Tough Are Ya?

(Possible Description After Unlocking): Well, you proved you can do much more than just opening a new bottle of ketchup.

It’s a reference as well to one of the original Spongebob episodes :wink:
Had this one cooking ever since you guys mentioned that you were even thinking about doing this.


Road to diamond, 100g: unlocked diamond in one mode


Gamemode:Horde 50 Waves on Insane
How:Each COG can only choose one card


Some pretty simple and straightforward achievements and a few Grindy/challenging ones.public would obviously include ranked,social and coop vs ai as to prevent boosting and unreasonable bans.

Fly like a butterfly, Sting like a deebee: win a versus match as a deebee using only deebee weapons(public)
Braaiiins: get 50 headshots as a zombie character in versus(public)
Get me up!: revive 100 players as a medic gear in versus or horde
There and back again:complete 50 consecutive waves of horde on all post launch maps(any difficulty)
It runs in The family: fulfill your destiny as any carmine character and die 50 times across versus or horde
Welcome to delta squad:complete a 25 or 50 wave horde variant on insane or higher as a full team of e day characters
For gorasnaya!: win a versus match of each game mode as a full team of Uir characters(public)
Boltok mastery: get 10 hat trick ribbons and 5 methodical ribbons using only the Boltok in versus(public)
Snub mastery: get 5 kills with the snub while holding a meatshield 10 times in versus(public)
Horde mastery:sniper: get 150 headshots and manually mark 300 enemies in a single horde match
Horde mastery:soldier: get 200 lancer and 200 frag grenade kills in a single horde match
Horde mastery:scout: collect 300,000 power and execute 50 enemies in a single horde match
Horde mastery:engineer: build 200 fortifications and repair 50,000 points of damage in a single horde match
Horde mastery:heavy:get 200 explosive weapon and 200 heavy weapon kills in a single match
Mine! All Mine!: own 50 cards part of series 3(retroactive)
Seriously Swarmified: kill 100,000 swarm across all game modes(retroactive)
These violent delights…: reach wings 1(retroactive)
I have a rendezvous with death:complete act 1 on inconceivable ironman(solo or co op)
A nightmarish future: complete a 25 or 50 wave horde variant as gears 5 Kait on avalanche.

Obviously the last one would only be possible if TC came out with a gear pack that came with gears 5 Kait, del and maybe icy omen skins


Torque Perfectionist: Get at least 5 kills with 5 arrows using the Torque Bow while playing any public versus mode (25G)
GG No Re: Win a public Escalation match by shutting out the opposing team 7-0 (50G)
I Love GOOOOOLD!: Obtain 50 Legendary character cards (50G)


Achievement ; “Triathalon”

Requirement; 3 headshot kills, followed by 3 assists, followed by 3 execution kills, all in that consecutive order, in a multiplayer match.

Description; actions need not be in the same round, only the same match.


Achievement parameters: Complete 50 waves of horde on insane with 5 players each playing as a unique member of delta squad, Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, and Anya.

Achievement name: Welcome to Delta (50G)

Achievement Description: Complete 50 Consecutive Waves of horde on insane with each player uniquely playing as Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird and Anya


Delta’s here - have a team compromised of classic (Marcus, dom, Baird, Cole, and any carmine) in either horde or versus


Whatever they are…no more complete the entirety of the campaign, nor beat 1-50 waves consecutively again. So sick of those difficulty based or slight modification ones. NO MORE OF THOSE.


So Uncivilized - Beat a 25 or 50 horde variant on any difficulty where someone quits in the first 10 waves


Where is Your Hat Cowboy: Blindfire a torque bow bolt and headshot the Speaker on his Swarmak.

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50G - I shall hold my place in the machine

  • beat Insane horde or above as 5 engineers without Sentries!

that’s a good one! also for multiplayer how about this one?

No one likes a quitter - 50G win 10 matches when a team mate quits during a match ranked only.


Give horde players the red blood amago when they reach wings 10


Lambency 2.0 - Played with or killed an infected player and is now turning Lambent.


Double Penetration (10G)
It’s better with a friend! Join a player in a Chainsaw execution on a single enemy at the same time.

Yes, I know I’m immature, but I’ve been talking about an Achievement like this since Gears 2.