Gears of War 4 Customization Checklist (Updated and Renamed)

Back on the Old Forums there was a User named Atlas the Alpha. He created a Unlockable Checklist for every card in the game asides from Bounties and Skills. He unfortunately stopped working on it on March 28 2017. I have decided to go back and Update this Document as best as i possibly can. There are things in it that may be missing, wrong, or in the wrong area. Everything should be mostly good as of right now. The new pack coming up NCOG is already in there (It’s a guess as to everything in it 2 Characters, Emblem, 14x Weapon skins) As well as the rest of the Syndrome, District, Midnight Omen the two new Scions (Ruby and Diamond) and Heartbeat (Unsure if it was going to be a full skin set but i added it just in case)

Take note of the Paragraph at the Top though.


You are welcome to tell me if i am missing anything and i’ll add it when i can. Also you can Make a copy of the File itself so you can check Boxes off with the word “Collected” or “Obtained” or whatever you want.

If this is useful to you then use it how you wish if not then well… it shouldn’t affect you much.