Gears of War 4: Can't single play campaign or horde without connection?!?

Just purchased Gears of War 4 for Windows. Awesome game so far, HOWEVER…

It insists on connecting to something (I don’t even know what or where) for me to play the campaign or Horde. All single player, just on my own. I don’t need to connect with anyone.

Why is this??

Even if I am playing in game, for example in Horde, I put the game on pause, alt tab away briefly and come back, it seems to lose its connection and for some BIZARRE reason this means I can’t even continue my current game!


It mentions something about Xbox Live. I don’t have an Xbox and I don’t want or need Xbox Live whatsoever.

When I follow the suggestion and search for CROIX: (as a new user I can only put one image in a post)

This is EXTREMELY frustrating and unsatisfying :frowning:

Why is this, and more importantly: how do I overcome this nonsense? I don’t need multiplayer or connect anywhere or be part of some network or whatever. I just want to play Gears of War 4 on my own.

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You should be able to play the solo campaign offline, but other modes require you to be online. I think you need an Xbox live or Microsoft account still, but you shouldn’t have to pay for Xbox gold, just sign up for the free account.

You should be able to play verse on lan,as for campain maybe gow4 needs a update and that why you need a connection for it to work.

IIRC I think I did need to pay for gold to play horde offline but I’m not sure for campaign.

Thanks all. Yes I do have a Microsoft account (otherwise I couldn’t even purchase or install the game).

However I fail to see why GoW4 has to be logged in all the time. Or in case of campaign, why it needs to login or connect at least when I start playing (once I’m in the game I think it may actually lose the connection).

Why is this? And is there a way to overcome it? Any chance The Coalition will fix this?

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Probably not, as they see it as a feature not a bug.

My guess is it’s their way of force feeding you their “Gears 5 is out now”, buy it ads. That said, MS are also heavily into cloud based stats, not that it excuses it.

According to the FAQ you can play campaign (solo) and local versus offline. You won’t be able to play horde offline, not even private matches as they still require a dedicated server. My guess is you’re connected when you start the horde match but the connection is dropped (not sure why) when you switch to a different application.

I don’t know why you need to connect to play the campaign. Maybe it’s to verify it’s the same account that made the purchase?