Gears of War 4 BSOD on Nvidia Driver version 416.34 (windows 10 v1803)

looks like the BSOD issue may be back with the newest driver updates. just updated to 416.34 after using DDU to remove the previous driver. game launches and i get a “page fault in non paged area” ( nvlddmkm.sys) BSOD right after the intro video. this issue is 100% reproducible and happens every game launch. devs, i hope you guys still read these posts. have a good day!

Win 10 64 v1803
16 gb ram
nvidia gtx 970

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It can happen randomly for me after launching sometimes, though it’s mostly isolated to after the game freezes. I rolled back my drivers to the older drivers but Bo4 froze instead so I went back to 416.

Hey, RS Indigo.

It appears that rolling back drivers to the 398(?) branch seems to work fine. i know that is not a permanent solution, hopefully this can get addressed so we can still use newer drivers going forward. i have faith in you devs, dont let me down :slight_smile:

The 416.34 drivers came out very unstable so I suggest you install the 416.16.
Those are going well.

ill give em a try. thanks!