Gears of war 4 bro

Why does gears 4s multiplayer feel so much better than 5? What went wrong?!


-No BS recoil
-Your screen doesn’t turn red when you take damage
-The screen doesn’t shake a lot when sprinting

I Remember when the new tuning dropped and I picked up Gears of War 4 in a glory of rage expecting to fill the void. Hopped in a ranked match and was gnasher’d by what I assume is the same strength as Superman’s punch. Seriously though, if people think the Gnasher is doing too much mid range dmg now play GoW4…It’s almost always a 2 shot down if the player has somewhat decent aim.

Gow4 is way better tbh. Movement isn’t as fluid but the game just plays so much better

Guns outside the gnasher actually pack a punch too


I really like GOW 4 as well, I just wish they had more returning characters in the story, or it got story DLC not just MP maps.

Gow4 apart from the FPS decrease feels like you stepped into the future. It just sucks that the lancer is like a 9-10 bullet down, but everything else compensates. Gow4 feels like a triple A title, Gow5 just doesn’t.

I miss 4’s ranking system more than anything tbh.

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I’ll tell you why.

One game is Gears of War.

The other, well…

The other one is not.