Gears of War 4 and 5 did poor decisions to the story, characters, lore and doesn't explain or go into detail about certain things

  1. Both the Outsiders and COG were so foolish that they didn’t even try to investigate why people were going missing and pointed fingers at each other with no proof, can’t they just have a discussion at a table? Sure they don’t like each other but that would make it one step closer to finding the cause but instead when it happens either side does something stupid that negotiations break down.

  2. How can a knife cut through and slice off the hand of a scion? They are locust and in lore it’s stated that it’s hard to cut or pierce through their hide even with Mk 1 lancer bayonets and to kill them with it they had to charge at them with great speed and with the momentum gained, the bayonet would pierce them and lift them up to pierce and kill the locust properly.

But even then it was a very risky move since Locust are known to be very violent in CQC and the bayonet would either bounce off or break upon contact with their hide. At least explain what material the knife is made of and it should be near impossible unless with a lancer MK 2 chainsaw.

  1. James felt really done dirty and forced to look like a bad person. The settlement 2 Massacre was said to have heated up when the protestors became violent and started attacking the gears and throwing incendiaries. The decision James did wasn’t right but it was a situation where he and others were in danger,

What were they supposed to do? let themselves burn alive?

It was a confusing and chaotic time and they had to defend themselves so they had no choice to open fire. But it was said that Dee Bee’s had stun rounds so why weren’t they used in stopping the riot?

There are plenty more but there would be too many to say.

Don’t get me wrong, Gears of War 4 and 5 are good games but the decisions made and lack of explanation makes the story fall flat.



This actually seems very realistic to me.

Have you seen current world politics?


look at Loomis in Judgement, he couldnt put his hatred of the UIR away when Paduk tried to convince him that Karn is a dangerous enemy.

Arrogance is strong in the gears franchise.


Exactly. I was about to post this.


TC predicted the BLM riots that the media calls peaceful protests :face_with_monocle:


I wonder what Fahz was doing, probably yelling at the crowd that he is in fact the ranking officer.

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the protesters after Fahz said that

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I cant wait for him in 6, he became like top 3 fav characters in the new trilogy for me.

him and Lizzie tbh.

what has LIzzie done??? besides get blown up

btw the update is live mate. go get your CS Lizzie :slightly_smiling_face: :face_vomiting:


*Lizzie laugh emote

look at this concept art for her and embrace her :wink:
ArtStation - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Carmine, Kev Chu

I could say the same about Gary, where are my Gary fans at?


Shouldn’t Delmont and James be more respectful but to Fahz since he is the ranking officer? Sadly he is said to say he is higher ranking a little too much so i can see them poke at him slightly here and there for fun as long as he’s fine with it but not all the time.

Baird wasnt respectful to Marcus or Dom and they were higher in rank.
after awhile he started to be nicer but my point still stands

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That’s a good point there

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I agree that the characters are bland and just comedy relief.

But don’t care for Kait and her storyline that’s a rework of the classic trilogy. Like how can the Kraken, which is supposed to be this unstoppable force only use one attack move, the COG didn’t now it existed, and the huge gun doesn’t do anything at all.
Nothing like the Riftworm where we saw the damage it could and teased us until we had to come in contact with it

to be fair, nobody knew THE GIANT WORM existed either.

Del is comedy relief, JD struggles to get some good story for himself, and Kaits relation to the locust was cool. it explained things that werent present in the old games, but her story isnt over yet. and im hoping 6 can make me like these new main characters.

The comedy falls flat on itself sadly

didn’t they start tracking it once the first cities went down, when they thought it was earthquakes or something? could be remembering it wrong but its been so long

Anya stated it as Seismic Activity, Control assumed it was anything, not a GIANT WORM.
so nobody knew of it until we see the worm towards the end of Act II.

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