Gears of war 3: war supporter ribbons unobtainable again

the servers for gears 3 seem to be down, it’s not giving war supporter ribbons anymore either. making seriously 3.0 and war supporter unobtainable again.


they fixed gears 2 photo achievable… then broke this… seems about it… good work TC for being consistently inconsistent

It was working for a long time giving 29/30 ribbons for some reason forcing you to play a game to earn the final one probably should have just made it auto pop and removing it’s requirement from S3.0.

you also can’t search forces of nature properly anymore you click on the playlist menu and forces of nature takes you to a literal “blank” which throws you into a guardian match. it’s not a problem persay but is very odd.

hopefully this is just a case of someone at the coalition needs to turn off and on the server or something to make it work again.

hopefully or they can find some alternative method of giving everyone the achievement that missed it. cause i member it did use to work.