Gears of war 3 unlocking savage theron guard help

Beast mode on insane without failing a round to unlock savage theron guard need i have 1 player me and my brother will be splitscreening and we both know how to play not pro or anything i would like experienced people so we can do it as fast as possible we will do trenches cos its the easiest

im rdy

Do you think we could do it as 3 or should we wait for another player

I’m no expert player especially outside of ranked/versus so probably need another player. My wife is the one with the Xbox and gears 3 so it’s hit or miss if I can play it.

However, if I ain’t around @Ghostofdelta2#4323 is as good as 2 good players put together, a real beast. I’m sure he’d be interested in the challenge of getting all the way to completion with just himself and 2 other guys.

My copy of the game is in storage.

Ahhh yes i remember getting my savage theron guard. It wasn’t hard but took a few tries. I’m sure it’s doable solo or duo but harder.

My tips are to use explosive types, like boomer and grenadier as they can bypass execution rules for hero units (have to hit them with explosives when they are down)

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Would you like to help by joining me and aliceinchainsaw? I have my brother as another player if you join us it would be 4 players and a lot easier
Anyone who wants to help please add my gamertag

sorry i just saw it now i would but i cant stand 60 fps XD

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