Gears of War 3, Someone killing teammates?

So I was playing Gears of War 3 with two random people in horde on the stadium the others left randomly, I thought they were friendly and such, I was picking them up whenever they were down and repairing, no reason for them to be a jerk. We got to about level 23 or something. One of them invited a friend I’m guessing, then instantly after the one person joined one of the two killed me with a Boomshot it sounded like or an explosion of some sort?

It said I was killed by them even Ryan something was their name. I just quit, no point in playing with people like that. I guess it was funny for them but I just went into another horde match just wasted time. I run into ALOT, I mean a lot of bad people on 3 than compared to 4 or 5. 5 had a lot too but not as nearly as many as 3 does. 4 seems to be the most normal acting people I’ve met. 3 doesn’t have many playing it which is stupid just makes less play it being a jerk, but okay…

So I’m just wondering is this a common thing that can be done a lot or is it rare? I think the fire grenades always can do that I heard on here but I never have been killed like this, like I’m in a versus match in horde?

its… gears 3… lol

Oh god did they never fix this?

I recall something similar happened in 4… I forget the circumstances though. But it could be that old team kill glitch. With a game like that not being patched anymore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this glitch got spread like wildfire after developer support stopped

Sorry to say. It’s not likely to be fixed. But maybe watching the circumstances under which people do this glitch can teach you to avoid it. I recall knowing when to back out of a match on depths or rustlung when people learned that console freezing glitch.

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Okay thanks you. I didn’t expect it to be fixed but I was wondering if it was something normal or whatever in the game. Idk why people have to ruin a fun older game but I guess I will expect strange things like this to happen now.

It hasn’t happened very much though, I have been playing for a few years, but never seen that.