Gears of War 3 Server down affecting War Supporter medal and the ability to unlock Socialite achievement

I just find it too coincidental that it’s the exact time the gears 3 servers went offline.

I’m still going for seriously and can still do all the medals I need. I’m also able to play private horde with friends.

The only reason I noticed was the difference in xp being rewarded.

TrueAchievements is showing recent pops of the Photojournalist achievement in Gears 2. Not Gears 3, but still a legacy title that requires a server interaction beyond matchmaking to pop an achievement.

I’m managing to find human lobbies at least I did on Tuesday playing both koth and Tdm.

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I’m no expert but maybe they reset something with the server switch off and didn’t reapply the latest version of gears 3.

There is no option to play guardian, even though there is at least one achievement linked to it.