Gears of War 3 scrapped Marcus Prologue DLC

I was browsing YouTube and discovered a scrapped Gears 3 DLC. It was uploaded by MIComputerTech. Credit goes to them for the content. It’s a prequel that leads up to where Marcus abandons the mission and goes to save his father.

It contains gameplay, cutscenes, and even dialogue. I was impressed that there were events, dialogue, and specific quotes taken from the books. Seeing as Karen Traviss wrote the story for Gears 3, as well as the original 5 books which tells some of this story, it only makes sense though.

I would have preferred this as a DLC over Raam’s Shadow. Although I did like it and was grateful for the story, experience, originality, and characters it added, I would have enjoyed this Marcus prologue more. Being a huge Gears 3 AND a Marcus fan, I figured I’d share this with the community. I’m sure there’s more people out there who would appreciate this.

Video 1:
Video 2:

Here’s the description:
Gears of War 3 - Marcus Fenix Prologue DLC (RAAM’s Shadow Predecessor Prologue)
Before RAAM’s Shadow was finalized there were 3 DLCs in planned the main one that was turned into RAAM’s Shadow, a Marcus Fenix DLC (which explained the events more as to why he was sentence to prison,) and a Kryll\Locust invasion which starred characters like Rand and Jace (before he was transferred to Ephyra.)
The Marcus Fenix DLC in particular would’ve had to deal with most of the beginning plot of RAAM’s Shadow, which dealt with the hammer after a locust invasion with caravans pulling away and rescuing someone from a bank vault. The real major changes though were the plot dropping the whole Marcus and Anya relationship, and carrying it over to Zeta Squad and Jace.
(Please note as the DLC was early a cut had to be made, which is why it seemed to be an awkward placement)


Hoffman with them eyes tho :joy::joy:


There were 2 scrapped dlc for Gears of War 3. Those are still in some pre release builds of game. None of them was finished. Also there are many MP maps that were planned to be dlc, as well as there were some extra campaign level, like ratbike level.


This is the first I have ever heard about this! Watching it now. Looks real similar to Raam’s Shadow.

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