Gears of war 3 remake please

Is possible to have gears 3 remake with 4k 60fps. I feel like this would be great and many of new gears player can see y we are complaining


Gears 2 first, then Gears 3.

Also the only changes needed are deicated servers and perhaps more MP characters/ skins to choose from. That is all. Everything else TC have “adjusted” can stay in Gears 4 and 5.


Simple math … After GoW UE comes GoW2 UE.

  1. Would be a really good year.

I’ve played 3 more then any other gears.

I still don’t see why you’re complaining.

If you wan to play 3, then go play 3. What’s the problem. Just go.

I loved playing 3, now I love playing 5.

They are both fun to play. I’m not stuck in the past.

Gears 5 is amazing in every way. If you don’t think so then that’s a shame for you.


Meh gears 2 is when the noobification began, stopping power etc.

I would rather a sever browser and some added content for the only gears MP worth a damn, 1/UE.

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Lol and who am I gonna play against? Servers are dead or hosted by Mexicans. Why wouldn’t u like a remake 60fps and with live servers for the best matchmaking


Wh y is stopping power such a noobification. Don’t run straight at someone and use cover on approach. Everyone complaining just doesn’t seem to understand such a simple idea


Being able to run directly into a hail of bullets with impunity seems counter-intuitive. Maybe that’s just me.


Gears 2 first, 3 can be followed by :slight_smile:


Gears of war 2 remaster please


If they do it, I’d hope they have pre-patch retro. That’s my only wish for changes.

(Actually if Sandbar, Overpass and what not be takin out of rotation, that’d be great too.)

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Stopping power is strong but the maps in Gears 3 are so good, cover is always there to mitigate rifles effectiveness.


As a Gears 3 fanatic I would love just to have better servers and larger playerbase.

I’m from UK and play KOTH almost daily. There is a hard core of maybe 100-150 of us. Major problem is connection. 99% of the players are from Mexico and the connection I get when playing them can be atrocious.

I understand your points but I don’t feel one needs to be stuck in the past because they enjoy an earlier game in the series.

Also Gears 5 amazing in every way ? You sincerely believe that ?


We need a Gears 2 remake before Gears 3 remake.


The reason that nobody is playing 3 anymore is because they got bored with it.

I played as much if not more than most GOW fans and I got bored with it.

The reason Gears 5 is not like Gears 3 is because TC wasn’t about to recreate a game that everyone was bored with.

Gears 3 was great but it’s OVER!! If it was all that than people would have never stopped playing.

I moved on simply because the servers died and the latency playing it Xbox one is dumb. It’s a great game. Would love to see Gears 2 and 3 remastered.


So u say everyone is bored with gears3? Am already bored with gears5 with 1week in of multiplayer. All my friends have moved on to play other games. It took me more than 1year to stop playing gears3 and i only stopped because of hosted matches. Gears5 has the worst maps ever and op weapon for any noob like yourself to get mvp. Everything is slow and when wall bouncing u get killed way too easily which makes this hard aiming fest.


Agreed, maps seem to be small, weapon delay, taking damage while under cover, etc. Horde is terrible.
Multiplayer is boring. I re-up’d within 4 days trying to give this game a chance.

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Like the Master Chief Collection, a Marcus Fenix Collection would be fantastic.


They already missed the boat for the 10 year anniversary of Gears 2. Not saying TC won’t make a Gears 2 UE, but it’s looking likely we won’t see it.