Gears of War 3 region matchmaking gone wrong

Greetings fellow Gears…

I still love to play gow3 multiplayer online, but since a few months back, no matter what I do, when joining an online mach, I 'm now permanently put in American lobbies. I don’t know if it’s to do with servers going down or just my own xbox.

The only thing I can think it might be is a few months back when this started, I was living in temp student accommodation. Our rooms had American routers . I’m now living back at home, using a British router, but I still get put into games matched with Americans/Mexicans. The online multiplayer of GOW3 is now unplayable, the lag is off the charts.

I’ve tried updating locale settings on both my xbox and microsoft account, to no avail.

Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Also would be interested to know if anyone else in UK/Europe is having this issue, which would confirm servers over here being taken down.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Im not too sure but it could just be the player population being very small


I appreciate your response and that’s a logical conclusion but, before I used that american router, even with limited numbers of players i was still connecting up with predominantly brits/europeans. Now it is always americans/mexicans. Leads me to believe something has gone wrong somewhere.

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Lucky I still have it installed from a recent play through lol. When you go to play what does it say for people playing in you region/playing worldwide? For me it say 780 region/819 worldwide. Also what does it say for your NAT type?

39 in playing in my region/818 worldwide.

NAT type is Open.

Yea your not gonna find too many matches with those numbers in your region

But this is the thing, I used to get into matches with as little as 11 people playing in my region, and even if it was 2 v 1 or 3 v 4, with bots filling the other spots, all players would be from Europe/UK with no significant lag problems.

have you tried hard resetting your xbox?? also are you playing on 360 or xbox1??

Reset as in, new profile?

Playing on 360.

Na its a xbox 1 thing. Force of habit asking it, it usually helps with a lot of problems. The only other thing I can think of is trying this

Nope, still linking up with the southern hemisphere… Just joined a game with someone from Colombia. I don’t know what the hell is going on, game is ruined for me, such a shame.

Thanks for trying to help anyway.

Maybe you don’t have the dedicated servers ( dlc)?

I had no idea you could still play Gears 3 online. That’s pretty amazing. It’s it just a handful of people (like you recognize all their tags) or is there a good amount of action on there?

I jump on from time to time theres usually around 1000 people playing TDM and a few hundred playing horde Im guess the ones that really hate 4 still play it (as 1 of my friends puts it)

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Wow, that’s incredible.

There’s a dlc for dedicated servers???

If you don’t download certain dlc you won’t be put on servers

GoW3 on 60fps and I won’t even touch this ‘packs store with a chance of decent play’

Ah, just googled it. It’s the Booster Map Pack which gives you dedicated servers, which I have.

And just tried to joining a friends game (he’s in Poland) and So, it’s gotta be the European servers have been royally sh@t on and taken down.still, lobby full of Mex’n’Texans.

UK servers for GOW 3.
I am in the uk and play only Horde,every game i get into is full of Mexicans and other south American players,South Africa, Australia and Asia with the occasional European and USA mob
Never a good connection to the Mexican clan makes for a frustrating and poor experience,what has happened to all the European servers ???. The only servers for GOW 3 for the UK is in Cardiff one in Ireland .