Gears of War 3 rank and saves are gone

So I load up Gears 3 to play RAAMs Shadow and find my rank is reset and my saves for campaign are gone. This is absolute ■■■■■■■■. I was rank 70 and reuped. I’m not grinding to get back up there again. Is there anything that can be done?

I don’t think so, TC’s main focus is on the three new games coming out this year, plus they still focus on Gears 4.

I just saw too my ribbons and medals have been reset too. Just ■■■■■■■ great.

Very frustrating for you, has been an issue with Gears 3 for many years, it never got fixed.

Are you playing mp, if so may I make so bold and say, it doesn’t matter. You have not lost any more powerful guns of new moves. You have lost characters I presume and maybe some weapon skins. Rank in Gears means nothing other than the colour of the numbers next to your name.
I’m not disagreeing that you should not be peed of, just trying to be a voice of reason.

If on the other hand you have lost all your skills on Horde, that is a different matter, as you are at a disadvantage, albeit against Bots.

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It’s a problem because I am going for achievements and was 30 away from the second reup one. Ribbons are gone and my medals so yes it matters. I lost the horde levels too and again the same issue because getting all to max level is an achievement I know lost progress in.

If you have access to a 360 (and didn’t play when you saw it was reset), load up the 360. Has worked for me twice.