Gears of war 3 Playlists

Unable to get the war supporter achievement and player count is stuck at 0 it’s been like this since the gears 5 update Operation 5. Is this going to be fixed ? Please fix it soon, currently trying to get all achievements on GoW 3

I think Gears 3 servers were shut down on Xbox One as most people who go to play it get on the Xbox 360.

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Regardless of the server status, that’s irrelevant. They both connect to the same servers.

The achievement is called “Socialite”, War supporter is the medal that you need to unlock for the achievement.

Has been a long time since I unlocked Gears 3 achievements, had to read 2 times the achievement list on Trueachievements trying to find “War supporter”.

Anyway, the achievement is broken for a long time IIRC, but when you have any question or doubts about an achievement(s), you can always search on Trueachievement

The link for Socialite on TA. TC fixed some older achievements (Gears UE for PC, but still 1 achievement is missing).

Don’t get your hopes up. That fix took years


Pretty sure they broke the progression on that medal not long after gears 3 came out.

At one point every match u played gave progress towards the medal. Im sure i have that medal done quite a few times.:grin:


I got this years ago but it looks like Epic are helping people out with it.

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Will definitely check these links out and try it on a 360 to confirm this. Thank you.

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