Gears of War 3 Online W/ Xbox One?

This might be a shot in the dark, but I can’t find anything online, so… has anyone here played Gears 3 online on their Xbox One? When I try to play, it says I need to change my party type, but all the party types are grayed out except for “Local” and “System Link”. When I try to click something like “Joinable Public” it says “Your current gamer profile settings do not allow playing online games”.

I’ve already verified my settings are good, I have Gold on the account and everything. All I can find online is people accusing others with my problem of being hackers who got banned. I haven’t played this game in years and I certainly never got banned… any ideas what might be going on?

They’re probably trying to stop people playing other Gears of war games even though that’s failing somewhat.

I play on my one x. 2 days ago was the last time, full lobbies, Koth. No problem apart from the awful lag due to connecting to usa/Mexico 99%of the time.

It is slightly better playing on the 360.

Have you downloaded all dlc? @ll_R_E_D_l from here had the same problem as you, but I think that fixed it.

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I dunno what happened but its magically working again. I didnt do anything to try and fix it lol

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I am on the US West server. Never had any trouble finding a match.

It’s a backwards compatibility issue 100%. I would guess your using a router and modem? Plug directly into your modem and see if it helps. It’s not only gears 3 if you try to play any backwards compatible game online I’m sure you will have same issue.
It has to be a security issue of some sorts I had the same issue and couldn’t find help anywhere.

Well, I’d already downloaded all DLC, but just like RED said mine is now “magically” working as well!

Not totally magically, I guess. In case anyone else stumbles on this thread, here are all the things I did before it started working:

-Installed game and all DLC
-Started game (it generated some save data automatically that was stored locally)
-Quit game and restarted, then restarted console
-Removed account from Xbox One and re-downloaded it
-Set DNS on Xbox One to
-Gave up and waited until the next day
-Cleared the save data that had been automatically generated when I first started the game

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West Siiiiiide!

See I literally did NOTHING lol. I tried to play a few weeks ago and when it wasnt working I messaged our Gears 3 loving badass @Duffman_GB to see if he was having problems and he said no. Then the other night I was in a party with @GhostofDelta2 and he was talking to me about a possible fix and when I turned it on to try it, it just magically started working lol.