Gears of war 3 horde mode casual solo play brutality

ok has gears of war 3 horde mode totally been forgotten btw I am still playing and I have some questions for the gamers out there why is it when you play solo on casual the bots just crowd you at one base? on checkout mostly and also when go to attack a drone they keep firing the hammerburst and then back up while you get hit by other drone’s bullets on waves 30-40 with 2x the health which is not fair leaving you exposed.
how about that those grenadiers with there blind thrown frags and tendencies to get in your face with a gnasher

Gears of war 3 Horde is the best version. You still have a hard core who do still play. Can you not play online ?

no right now I’m just playing private I find it way more intense solo

It sounds to me like you’re playing a mode that was designed for five players solo and wondering why it’s so hard? It’s hard because you have 1/5th the manpower you’re supposed to.

Play on Overpass or Sandbar, you build your base at the top and await the Horde. I managed 50 waves (casual, possibly mutators) on Overpass solo.

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yeah your probably right I will follow your advice even on casual there ultra agressive

A great map to solo horde casual is clocktower, just set up in one of the spawns and they will bottle neck near the boltok spawn, but on gow3, sneaky grenadiers can shoot you through one of the holes in the staircase on top.

really that was my plan but I wanted to defeat the horde or survived on checkout its a big deal to me any tips

It is very nice still.

Unfortunately the servers keep kicking us out, you gotta be on lucky day on order to finish 50 waves.

Sandbar and Overpass are my favorite.