Gears of War 3 Game saves are gone 9th Year Anniversary Today!

Gears of war 3 just started to play with 3 friends and all of are game saves are gone. It’s the 9th year anniversary! Is this a joke? I had everything unlocked and all the beta skins. Waiting for fix. Please help! Thank’s!

I just checked and my Beta skins are still available. You should submit a support ticket.

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We all played last night and it was fine. Today we are all on level 1. Everything is gone other then are dlc characters and skins. So we are going to play till it’s fixed. It has to be in there end. It has never happened before.

I agree with you that the problem is unusual. Still though submitting a support ticket may be needed to resolve it. Other then that it could possible resolve itself or perhaps you just need to reset your game or console to ping Microsoft’s servers again. Regardless I wish you good luck with your issue.

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Interesting. Over the past year I have had the dreaded reset on 6, yes 6 occasions. From Gold wings back to 1! Luckily I have a local save on my 360 so each time I upload that save to the cloud.

Then start the game on the 1x and it finds that save. J has also lost all stats and campaign progress.

It might be because I’m in the Xbox beta program, it is bloody annoying at any rate.


This is sadly the only way to fix the issue (that I am aware of).

I have a similar issue where i would need to boot up an old 360 if I wanted my Judgment progress back.


You wont be getting a fix anytime soon.

This was an issue Epic never addressed so I would expect TC to fix it

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