Gears of War 3 feels... different

So… I recently hopped on gears 3 and played a private match to sync up my latest profile/save data and I noticed some things were different. Was there an update that changed things to feel more in line with 5?

The gnasher seems to not gib at decent ranges anymore and sometimes takes more than 1-2 shots at close range to even down an enemy. Also, the end of match xp has been drastically reduced. Now this doesn’t matter to me since I’ve been maxed level gold star for almost 8 years now, but what I found interesting is that a private match used to pay out anywhere up to 10k xp in a 2 round TDM game and now it only payed out 1000 xp. Again, doesn’t matter to me, but the reason I bring it up is because ppl who wanna rank up in 3 have a harder time doing so now.

The whole point is that these 2 changes (low xp payout in private matches and gnasher feeling different) seem to have happened to make players feel like these games are more balanced and feel more in line with 5, but the whole reason I enjoy going back to 3 is because it doesn’t play and feel like 5. Can anyone confirm if a recent update to 3 happened that changed some balancing? I’d really like to know I’m not crazy here.

as far as I know Gears 3 hasn’t been changed or updated in a while.

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There hasn’t been an update, the game is having server problems at the moment. All server side updates have been reverted, so you’re basically playing the launch build of Gears 3.


I didn’t know that, but I knew I wasn’t crazy with things feeling different. I just didn’t know if my Xbox did an auto update on 3 to change things. At least now this makes sense why stuff was weird. Well, good to know… thx!

Surely a coincidence that will be adressed very soon.

Well it’s been about two and a half months since the problems started. The game is 9 years old and I don’t know if Coalition even have the tools they need to fix the servers, and that’s assuming they even decide it’s worth putting resources into fixing them. Not enough noise is being made about this.

gears 3 is pier to pier. there are no servers now. Its why all server side updates have been removed. kind of obvious guys.

Matches are p2p but there is server side data that is downloaded every time you load the game… literally tells us that after you press the start button on the main menu. That’s what ppl are talking about when they say “servers.”


well they didnt change the games start up. its suppose to have uploaded data to the stats page which is no longer available. its like every time i start up my fire emblem shadow dragon. it has a wifi option even though nintendo shut the servers down. it may say it. doesnt mean it is actually working.