Gears of War 3 Community Event - All Matches + Beast Mode now Live

The event went on for about 8 hours, I cut down the video and took out 4 games that sadly were too laggy (twitch’s issue) to use. Hopefully this was fun for you to play in and watch/get some nostalgia. Timestamps are available in the video and now also the player, so skip to the game . section that you want to see. May I recommened the Rustlung Game or the Easter Egg on Gridlock.

Intro - 0:00
Stats - 1:00
TDM Thrasball - 02:07
Warzone OldTown - 16:05
Execution Gridlock with easter egg - 38:50
CTL Hotel - 55:22
KOTH Mercy - 1:00:05
Wingman Trenches - 1:24:49
KOTH Bullet Marsh - 1:38:39
KOTH Overpass - 1:47:03
KOTH Checkout - 2:01:15
KOTH Bloodrive - 2:13:28
CTL Raven Down - 2:24:45
CTL Artillery - 2:31:09
CTL Rustlung - 2:38:05
KOTH Sandbar - 3:14:36
KOTH Depths - 3:20:08
Sawed Off Only Jacinto - 3:34:15
Outro - 3:50:02

also we ended with Beast Mode

If you enjoyed this and want to see more, I’d love for you to leave a like and a comment. It helps my channel and also it helps me guage interest. If these videos do well I can host Judgement!


I wish I could attend these and it makes me sad

I want to join how do I play with u?