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Can someone from TC confirm whether or not this game will have 4x XP again, or was this intentionally changed to 2x XP? I have noticed that the XP that I was getting on waves before Christmas was double what I am getting now.

Thank you.

Legacy Gears Stats page not tracking
(Mochawl) #2

Gears 2 Japan is also missing the 44 times XP in horde!

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@TC_MichaelAOS @TcM_Solurs

Anyone have an idea?

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We have a friend that just started Gears 2 JP. He is unable to get the multipler, and I’ve tried a couple times with no luck. Gears 1 was having issues, but shortly after we posted the details of our testing, it appears TC was able to fix Gears 1. Made mention of the multiplier issue in both versions of Gears 2, hopefully TC can fix that too.

If you want to read and add to our thread it is here:

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no, I’m sorry it was a mistake, someone told me and as I see it but clearly it is not, based on the Japanese version that each wave gives 50 xp (50 × 4 = 200) but I already investigated that in the version of gears 2 normal that xp (200) is without a multiplier

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Ouch bro…

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Apparently 2v2 gnashers isn’t giving any XP in Gears UE Windows 10 either

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What game mode r people playing

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Gears 2 JP has its multiplier back today

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And the regular??