Gears of war 2 remastered?

I’m not sure about you but gears of war 2 was always my favourite. So I hope they make a remastered version because I wanna cut my way out of a faint worm XD


I think we would all love, not sure it is likely however, Gears UE is a wonderful remaster.

Just play through 2 again, I do about once a year.

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Remakes equals no new ideas. Except for FFVII remake.

More like the devolpers can make something they wanted before but had to wait for technology to catch up.

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I accrued 25 days game time in the gears 2 mp, my lasting memory is it was completely broken, but still, many good times.

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I’ve said it a few times, but can you imagine Nexus in 1080p 4K? Beautiful.

Oh, and Myrrah as well? Sweet Jesus…:heart_eyes:


Aw man.

Gears 2 4K HDR Ultra 144Hz.


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I’d love to see it as I think it was the strongest Gears title. I’m normally into fresh ideas but I don’t care for the characters TC has added to the series. If we’re going to be having shotgun fights in a field full of boxes, might as well do it in an atmosphere that was done well.

If they f up a gow2 remaster like they did with gow ue, i would still play original GOW2 even if it’s just guardian XD they pussified gow1 eww

I’d like a Gears 2 U.E. I bought the Gears 2 Japanese version and played it, other than finding a group to run through all 29 maps on Horde, it was fun.

I’d certainly like to see Gears 2 running at 4K with recreated curscenes like they did for Gears U.E.

Would love a remake of GOW 2 & 3


Still think a fenix collection is a possibility one day.

I agree with this been dying for an updated gears 2 remake my favorite one of the campaign series followed by gears 3 in my opinion :heart_eyes:

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Please make gears 2 a ultimate edition :pray: