Gears of war 2 remaster

After gears 5 they should just release gears of war 2 ue
In the past they said they wouldnt be doing it but i think they should now considering how bad gears 5 failed they should regain the fans trust remastering gears of war 2 they did such a great job with gears of war ue im sure gears of war 2 ue would be just as good as gears ue or even better


Its never gonna happen. And even so them remastering Gears 2 isnt gonna gain peoples trust back.


You can stop asking or telling them to already. It will never happen. TC has already stated it a while back.


They should though im sure they can change their mind it would be so good and a missed opportunity if they didnt do it

With all the complaints and issues gears 5 has, they can’t lose man power to work on a remaster. Even later on down the road, they will have people working on Gears 6 if they haven’t already started work on it.

What about after gears 6 should i have hope?

It’s been asked for like a bazillion times already

Like a bazillion bazillion times

@TC_Octus pass it up the chain in Microsoft

A gears 2 remaster with a few qol upgrades isn’t worth doing as it would only sell a bazillion copies :wink:

Seriously the demand is there MS



Yes. The demand is obviously there for it.

Needs to be between Gears 5 & 6.

Campaign remaster. Multiplayer with about 4 modes. A horde mode made simple.


Gears 2 versus with working hit detection actually scares me. The gnasher is ridiculously strong, everyone running around with host gnashers would be brutal.

TC could balance it :smirk:

If they did it properley it would be good

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Just copy Gears 4 or 5 movement and gnasher.

No that beats the point of the remaster

A remaster brings an old game into the new world.

Sounds better. Looks better. Plays better.

If it can’t do all 3, then leave it to die.

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Nope. Please no.

What’s the point? Gears 2 remastered wont regain fans trust. Can’t just keep remastering games.

Plus, it would strike me as a blatant cash grab.

I know it isn’t what you are asking but Gears 2 and Gears 2 JP both got decent enhancements from the backwards compatibility team. If you have an Xbox 1 X they look really good.

Id play if it didnt crash out everytime i try to press multiplayer or horde screen just goes black and stays black making it unplayable

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No, not a good idea. They did good with Ultimate Edition, but that was before they decided to be “risk takers” and implement all of their own brilliant ideas, which resulted in the abomination that is Gears 5.

But if they made gears 2 ue like how they did gears 1 ue it would be good


But they won’t. I’d rather they don’t. They’re Totally Clueless. The trust is gone.