Gears Of War 2 JP (Japanese Version) - Bring The x44 XP Bonus Back

@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Sera

We all know you are working on other games…of course they have priority :+1:

But can you give us some kind of “definitive” answer about this GoW2 JP version?
If bringing back the xp bonus is something doable and you’re willing to fix it or the game is definitely dead and you’re not gonna put your hands on it.

So if nothing will be done, we can all raise white flag and move on

Thanks for your attention

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Yeah I agree boz. I really want to get into gears 2 again, But if there is no prospect of finishing without years of grinding, I may need to pass.
I hope @TC_Kilo1062 or @TC_Sera gets back to you because I would love an answer as well, as would several of my friends!


Just came back to see if we had gotten a response from @TC_Kilo1062 or @TC_Sera about the multiplier. I know it’s a long shot that it will come back for this game, but a answer one way or the other would be nice.

Hoping to hear answers to this too @TC_Kilo1062 and @TC_Sera. Would absolutely love to play Gears 2 again!


Yeah i preferred to wait before asking again as i think they’re pretty busy with the Gears POP situation :+1:

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Not trying to bug them or anything. Just want to try and keep it on their radar so to speak. Glad that there is still some interest in this game and wanting to see the multiplier brought back

Got a response from kilo on twitch. Said it’s not a priority right now.

Please bug away!

It isn’t the reply you want and I totally get that, but as it stands no real priority to sort :frowning:


That’s fair Kilo, we appreciate the answer honestly, it’s better than being being pulled along by strings with a “maybe” answer. I would want this to be a lower priority, as I know your doing hard work on Gears POP, but don’t leave the Xbox 360 in the dust. While these achievements are still technically obtainable, there are issues with Gears of War 3, regarding the fact the servers were reverted to the pre-patch state, leaving the Seriously 3.0 and Socialite achievement permanently glitched.

Gears POP should be the number one priority, then fixing Gears Judgement and Gears of War 3’s glitched achievements. Since these titles are Gamepass games, I would hope to see at least these two titles see a fix, as those achievements are permanently glitched, whereas Gears of War 2 is simply just really hard and time consuming, but not impossible in its current state.

Thank you for the update Kilo.

I think gears U.E for pc should be on your list as well @Avenge_El_Chapo. It’s my understanding that due to some game types not being available In multiplayer the game is no longer 100% completeable. It would be great to get game types rotating again to be able to finish the game.
Also, the multiplier for gears 2 jp should be a fairly easy fix… I mean, they already had it active before. Maybe I am wrong but it shouldn’t divert to much in the way of resources to get the multiplier going again

One of the prior times the Gears 2 JP multiplier was fixed, I asked on a Dev stream what was done to fix it. Octus said nothing specific was done, but there was some scheduled maintenance on the servers. So it was probably just a matter of applying updates and rebooting the servers that got it working again.

I forgot that one, but your right with the one achievement in that game being unobtainable, I thought about it after the fact.

There’s obviously quiet a few achievements that need fixing lol.

And yes, this is all that it is from my understanding. Just typical server maintenance, but unsure of how difficult that would be. It’s the same issue with GOW 3, essentially the servers were reverted to a pre-patch state. The worst part is especially in GOW 3 it makes some of the DLC unplayable too.

Thanks for the clarification @Bloomy I figured it would be something fairly straight forward like this.

I’ve been having issues getting socialite for my other account the only forces of nature playlist I can play is guardian cause the rest are not there


Even if it’s not what the community was hoping for, i appreciate the update so we can finally close the curtain :+1:

Is it possible to lock/close (or completely delete) this thread since it’s now useless as nothing will be done anymore for GoW2 JP?

From the wording of kilos response, it may happen in the future. The words used were priority and right now… doesnt mean that down the road they won’t get around to re enabling the multiplier.
Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, but kilo did not say “it isnt going to happen, ever”. So maybe there is hope!

Nah, that’s just TC’s way to reply without being too direct (in any direction, positive or negative).
Sad, but true: they won’t do anything for this game anymore.