Gears Of War 2 JP (Japanese Version) - Bring The x44 XP Bonus Back

The GoW 2 japanese version had a constant x44 XP bonus (multiplier) when playing versus matches/horde online…but it’s almost a year since it stopped working.
Now due to the small player base (basically only achievement hunters) and the very few xp given, it’s almost impossible to level up and reach lv100. It will literally take years of playing.

The GoW support only deals with Gears Pop, Tactics and 5. I’ve also contacted Epic Games but they can’t do anything about it and said that it’s only up to Microsoft now.

With this topic i’d like to raise interest and gather GoW fans that are interested in this japanese version. Feel free to post here your thoughts and approval for another event/XP bonus.

Microsoft, we ask you to bring back the x44 XP bonus or just set another permanent event/multiplier so everyone can complete the game and reach the level of Veteran Gear!


Unless the xp-requirements changed in the JP-version it’s gonna take roughly 140hours or 2 weeks of boosting 10hours a day.

The JP version has no bots so for being able to play a versus match you’ve to fill an entire lobby of 10 people. I can guarantee you that is almost impossible…and when it’s possible (using alt accounts/tags or more consoles) it’s still very hard becasue there are people from all over the world with different time zones.

You understand by yourself that just planning something like that it’s very unlikely…doing it for 10h a day it’s only utopia.

That’s probably why they kept that permanent x44 xp bonus in the first place…but it’s almost a year since it’s not working. Another xp event or bringing back the previous one will help players to level up .

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When I completed this, I did first round, Hardcore, Security Horde boosting. Maybe look into that instead of Versus?

Without the x44 XP bonus, doing the first wave of horde on security it’s tediousand not worth it.
Ring boosting is probably the best way in terms of time/xp gain…and you can also idle a bit so you won’t go crazy.

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yeah the last 10 levels would take 440 hours to do as opposed to 10 hours without the x44 multiplier. ring boosting cuts it entirely down.


Yeah, your math explains everything…and imagine if you just started the game!
At least you already reached lv90 :crazy_face:

Anyway…Is there someone in this forum we can talk to that is not a “simple player/user”?
I mean, if there’s no way to contact some sort of support/help or for this thread to be read by someone who can hear our voice…then this is completely useless.

The only way it will be to find other players…so if anyone is interested, let us know!

You can tag @TC_Sera. Sera just confirmed that TC is aware of and investigating at least 1 issue on Gears 3.

Hopefully we’ll get an answers to the questions of:
Is TC aware of this issue?
Will TC look into trying to fix the permanent XP multipler?

From what I recall from previous times the multipler stopped working, all it took was restarting the server to fix it. Not sure if that would fix it now, or if it had been coded for the multipler to end at some time years in the future and we finally passed that date.

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As of now, the x44 xp multiplier definitely stopped working a year ago.
Restarting the server/match or trying to change the host does nothing unfortunately.

I can’t talk about the previous situation, but now the situation is even worse: we tried to play some koth and found out that there is a 25k xp cap…no matter what you do, you can’t earn more…which of course makes things even worse.

Any news or at least a statement would be highly appreciated

Probably won’t be coming back if it hasn’t already.

Sucks , but that’s how it is sometimes.

Yeah chances are very low…i don’t know what happened more than a year ago because i started the game later…but people managed to get the multiplier just by rebooting the game or changing host so there wasn’t a real problem/fix i guess.

That’s why i don’t understand what’s the problem of re-setting the x44 bonus…is it a complicated work for the developer?
If they just don’t want to set that anymore it’s just another story…

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I too, would love to see this make a comeback. The game being playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility, so it saw a small increase in its player base. But I still need to get to max rank in that game, and would love to be able to do it in a timely manner, as making gaming sessions for this game can get exhausting. So x44 XP would greatly help.

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I saw you turned up in the other forum were there are posted many issues with other GoW games so i decided to quote you here as well.

This is regarding GoW 2 JP version: as you can see from my initial post, the x44 bonus multiplier stopped working more than a year ago so it’s basically impossible now to level up and reach Veteran making this game uncompletable. With some calculations of the xp required to reach level 100, you’ll need to constantly play for 2/3 years which i think you agree with me is unrealistic.

I’d like to point out that i’m not a single soul asking for a fix: i’m speaking for a lot of players (mostly achievement hunters) that are still playing this game and hoping for a fix.

Is it possible to fix and bring back the x44 multiplier again (2 years ago it was gone and after a couple of weeks it was fixed and reintroduced) so we can still complete the game?
Or at least set a permanent bonus like the standard/international version of GoW 2?

Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to hearing from you

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You’ve been asking for this for over a year, I really hope you get helped out.

Cmon TC throw him a bone! :bone:

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@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_MichaelAOS @TC_Clown @TC_JonT @TC_Sera @TC_HG1103

Thanks for the support but i’d like to point out like already mentioned, that i’m not the only one asking for this fix. I’m speaking for a lot of players who are playing this version and hope to 100% the game reaching Veteran.

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FYI TC_Clown isn’t an actual TC person… :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, feel free to tag me and Sera going forward we always chat to each other, as for the XP request we can ask but I’m honestly unsure what can be done.

But we can at least try :slight_smile:


The x4 xp multiplier for the other version is not working either.

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I’d also love to see this make a comeback although I have zero expectations for a region-specific version of a game that came out over a decade ago. Only started this game recently and had no idea how exceptional the time commitment would be without the xp multiplier.

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I discovered that when the post was already done so i couldn’t remove the tags :upside_down_face:

I don’t know how these things works, but a permanent (or at least running for a couple of months) multiplier like the international version have, would be awesome.

Thanks for the reply…looking forward to hearing from you with some good news :vulcan_salute:

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Is there a chance you could make a job request like you did with the Gears of War UE Win 10 achievements. I understand this wouldn’t be of the highest priority, but you must understand that the Gears community was partially built upon achievement hunting, and that the achievement hunting community wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for Gears of War.

That’s why achievements remaining unlock able are important, as many compete on professional Gears of War leaderboards on websites like TrueAchievements.

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