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Gears of War 2 JP 44x XP broken

(NitrousSpeed) #1

Hello there I’m trying to play Horde on Gears 2 JP & it seems the 44x XP is not working as after every wave completed it only gives me 50 XP. Can u guys please tell me how to get it to work as I have tried all methods & it’s not working. Please reply back to I would really appreciate the help to get it to work as it would take forever to hit rank 100 on the Gears 2 JP version. Any help would be great Gears Staff or the community.


TC can’t help. Epic made GOW 2 so it’s on them pretty much.

(iShaddow) #3

LOL and then what? Should we wait for the old Epic Games to solve our problem or just wait for the new owner of Gears to see if at least they care enough to confirm they can’t do s**t about it.


They basically already said they can’t do anything about Gears 1-3. Besides, why would TC focus on older Gears games when they have to keep up, or try to, with Gears 4 and worry about Gears 5?

(NitrousSpeed) #5

The Coalition can help with Gears 2 JP as the servers run off Coalition now since Epic Games lost the rights to the game I think since TC has fixed the American Gears 2 for the Photo ach so they definitely fix the 44x XP in the JP version of Gears 2 no problem. I hope they do cause people have told me it still works but I can’t get it to work.

(iShaddow) #6

Thanks man, it’s good to know there is still people who really knows what IS going on and trying to help instead of just replying crappy opinions.
And yes, let’s hope TC fix this problem soon cause Veteran Gear is the last achievement many people need in order to move on from GoW2 once and for all.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #7

He is right by the way, They said they can’t do anything to the original troilgy games, It’s not a crappy opinion, Let’s say it’s a fact

(MushaConvoy) #8

They can’t change the games but they can, and have, fixed server issues. Last year, the Gears 2 JP lost its 44x multiplier for a few months, then it came back again and has been solid ever since. Much like bringing the Photo servers back online, I’m sure its just an oversight and the 44x XP will be back, it just dropped over the holiday period.

Sure doesn’t help to try and make it known to the Coalition so they can nudge the server its assigned to.

(J4CKA1) #9

44xp must just be for JP. I was getting 4x xp before christmas on Gears 2, but not 44x…

(MushaConvoy) #10

Re-nudging the month-old issue, please bring back the multiplier… levelling is impossible on the JP release without it.

(Two Names06) #11

Tries this last Friday and no method gets it working again, as a previous post mentioned last year the xp multiplier was lost and TC reset the expire date on the coding which got it working again. Lets hope they can do the same again as its a long road without it.

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(PC JorgeArmando) #12

Please fix the multiplier

(MushaConvoy) #13

Re-re-nudging, if I post here once a month maybe someone from TC will see it… right?

Just put a 2099 expiry, or better yet make it 666x multiplier so people can finish off this old game and buy the next Gears title, am I right?? :slight_smile:

(MCSS Aerocoupe) #14

Hey @MushaConvoy , missed seeing your posts here. I would have helped beat the drum sooner had I seen them. We’ve been unable to get the multiplier for a while too. Got another friend who just started Gears 2 JP, so he could really use the XP multiplier.

We were having issues in Gears 1 as well, but it looks like our posting got someone’s attention and it got fixed. Made a mention of both versions of Gears 2’s multiplers being messed up. Fingers crossed someone notices and fixes these games too.

If you want to read and add to our thread it is here:


It really amazes me that people still want them to fix something from years ago rather than focus on Gears 5.

(NitrousSpeed) #17

Hey guys so is the JP version working again where if u complete a Casual Horde wave on Round 1 Security does it award 2,200 meaning 44x or just 50 XP standard? It’s been awhile since I last tried. My buddy’s & I are waiting till they decide to fix it. All they need to do it make the 44x expire in the year 2099 cause most of us will be long gone. It’s that simple. @TC_Octus, @anon86589457 & @TC_MichaelAOS can u guys please help us out. We would really love an answer. Please fix the 44x on the JP version for Gears 2 so we can finish it before Gears 5 or just raise it up to 666x multiplier that would make it go so much quicker. Thanks for ur time

(MCSS Aerocoupe) #18

@TC_Octus & @anon86589457

We tested again last night and no one was able to get the 44x XP in Gears 2 Japan. Please help us out.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA, yes Gears 2 was released a long time ago. But since the Xbox One allows region locked games (like Gears 2 JP, Borderlands 1 JP, etc) to play regardless to region, folks are just now getting this game and starting it. I have a friend who literally bought a Gears 2 JP disk because he saw 2 versions in my list and started asking about it.

Plus fixing the multiplier should be a fairly quick and easy task. It isn’t like we’re asking for new characters or weapon skins to be added to these older games.

(MushaConvoy) #19

Its March, still no multiplier as of last night. You heard anything Aero?

(MCSS Aerocoupe) #20

The other week they said in the Dev Stream that they would not be looking into it due to focusing on Gears 5. Kinda makes me want to pass on Gears 5. What good is it to offer free games (gears 1-3 & judgement) when you buy one of their new games (gears 4) and they then decide to stop supporting those games.

(J4CKA1) #21

Wow they really said that? Lol.