Gears of war 2 in 2018

Running gears 2 on Xbox one X in 2018 is soo much fun… how is this laggy piece of “beep” more fun than 3 or 4? Wall bouncing is so nice and kills are satisfying and hilarious, gears 3 & 4 lost what made gow special… drawn out Nasher battles wall bouncing and bodying mofos, obviously this is just my opinion but I think if you go back and try it you’ll see where the gears franchise lost its soul. Gears of war 2 ranked guardian is alive and you can find me there come bounce with me… GT- Valiant Shotz

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I’m soo up for gears2, will have a look 2nite

In reality Gears 3 versus was the best GoW

Honestly the beta for gow 3 was perfect in every way but when the game dropped it was horrible, it all comes down to personal preference for example there are still people playing original gears because they like it best, I had the most fun (and rage) with 2 soo many friends made and enemy’s too,

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