Gears of War 2 Freezing on Series X

I know this is a known issue but thought I would post this to draw attention from The Coalition/Microsoft. I know that Gears 1 through 3 are legacy games, and of course no one wants to claim responsibility for any errors or bugs, but I think if Microsoft offers all legacy games as a perk when you purchase Gears 4 or 5, they should make sure they work properly, besides the issue is not the game itself the issue seems to be my profile or gamertag.

I’ve read countless posts with workarounds (including triggering the glitch that resets your progress) and nothing works. I’ve unplugged my Xbox, uninstalled, reinstalled, tried the same workarounds but offline, nothing. The one thing that I find odd is that, even though I’ve deleted all Gears 2 files (both in my Series X and within the Xbox360 emulator) and go offline, the game still crashes when my profile is signed in, which I find extremely odd. Most people believe this is a server issue that was never fixed and that it has to do with cloud saves, however, I’ve literally disconnected my internet router and selected Go Offline in my Xbox settings and the game still crashes when I try to play it with my profile offline, so it doesn’t really make sense.

I’ve seen posts where people even purchased multiple discs, bough a digital copy etc. and the issue persists. I’ve also seen posts where people have tried it on different consoles, and it still crashes. In my case, the latter is the only step I haven’t tried, because I sold my previous Xbox consoles, so hopefully if I try it at a friend’s console it’ll work, but my hopes are slim.

Anyway, hopefully one more person posting about this will draw some attention from MS and get them to do something about it, because with all the tech they have and they owning Gears of War now you’d think this would be a simple fix, but it’s been over a decade, so chances are I’ll never be able to play Gears 2 with my profile again which sucks; Gears of War is one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with Xbox from the beginning but with so many issues reported (not just for Gears 2, I’ve seen a lot of stuff from 4 and 5 as well) and with no Gears 6 in sight, I may reconsider, and yes I know they don’t care.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on a fix.

TC is understaffed and any effort they do make will be put into future titles.

They never addressed several legacy game problems even on xbox one and with yet another version of Unreal Engine released its only going to be more difficult to get access to a the specific old versions of UE to tweak those older games.

I.e. Gears2 was made on a completely different build of UE3 than the one used to make Gears3 so it’s not likely we’ll see any fixes to that or even Judgment which was on yet another UE3 build.

While I do understand your frustration, it’s very naive to think this will get any attention from TC let alone Microsoft.

UPDATE: For everyone out there having the same issue, I was able to reset my profile and can now play again (KEEP IN MIND THIS RESETS ALL YOUR PROGRESS). Here’s exactly what I did:

  • Logged in to a friend’s Xbox One X (mine is a Series X).

  • Deleted my profile from my friend’s console (since I had signed in days before), both in the Xbox One interface as well as the 360 emulator.

  • Logged back in.

  • Started up Gears of War 2 with NO PROFILE SIGNED IN.

You’ll need to be really quick for the next part

  • Loaded a local Multiplayer > King of the Hill session with 9 bots; as soon as countdown for the session started I logged in to my profile. The Xbox One console is not quick enough to kick you out to the main menu before the session starts, effectively glitching and resetting your profile once it does kick you back out to the main menu.

IMPORTANT: after thoroughly researching and experimenting for over 10 hours, I can now point out the most likely culprits for the fatal error which freezes your profile:

  • Playing Gears of War 2 with your profile in two different consoles in a short period of time. I do not recommend signing in two consoles to play this game co-op.

  • Trying to play a multiplayer session while there is a game update or DLC being installed.


  • Downloading the ALL FRONTS DLC. I saw a few posts of people pointing out that the All Fronts DLC is the most likely cause for this error, but Epic Games never confirmed it and there is no possible way of knowing. There plenty of reasons I arrived at this conclusion:
  1. I’ve had Gears of War 2 since I was a kid and never had any issues.

  2. I already had map packs installed before (but never the All Fronts DLC).

  3. When I finally got my profile to work again, I redownloaded the game + All Fronts DLC and played multiplayer for days without a problem. However, three hours into solo campaign the game froze; went back in a couple times and it keep freezing approximately after 15 mins of playing. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled, only this time I reinstalled the map packs separately and DID NOT INSTALL ALL FRONTS DLC. Played for another 2-3 hours and finished the campaign without any problem at all.

So, there it is, hopefully this mini guide from someone who suffered from this error and loves GoW will help you.