Gears of War 2 error doesnt let you play

I dont know whats wrong with this game. now when I want to play multiplayer or horde the console is locked. anyone knows how to solve this? the worst part is that it was already at level 96.

Makes a horrible sound when the game loads up?

yeah, when its charging a beep sounds and the screen freezes and takes me out of the game.

It’s a common problem. There was a fix that people found, but I could never get it to work for my son’s account.

Probably a thread or two on it somewhere. Most people accept defeat and loss of the ability to play that account again. Wished they’d fixed it.

I was told it was corrupted server data. I still can’t play Gears 2 or 3 on my account because of this. Seriously irks me.

Gears 2 fix was to login with an account that worked, load a game, quickly log out, quickly login with corrupt account. Something like that. Never worked for me though several report good success.

Gears 3 would reset your account. Mine has done this at least two times. I went back on the 360 and loaded to fix my account both times. Was always said if you ever played with the account reset, progress was lost forever.

Not sure everything above is 100% correct as it’s been a while.

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The fix for 2 didn’t work for me either. With #3 I was hoping they’d eventually come up with a fix so I wouldn’t have to lose my progress.

I hope TC fix it soon. I just want the achievement of veteran gear for the gold skins and the medal they give you in gears 3