Gears of war 2 coop campaign Xbox one

Me (amateur) and a friend have just completed Gears ultimate edition coop campaign. Trying to start gears 2. When we go into the coop campaign menus and try to add each other to the party, the menu says no friends online playing gears of war. Any ideas?

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You have to add each other in the xbox 360 menu. You can get to it by pressing down the buttons to the left and right of the xbox button simultaneously.


I ■■■■■■■ love you. My buddy and I were so frustrated with not being able to play together. A whole day of searching, not knowing we could access that friends list, and you’ve made my entire year.

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I love you too

Just found this for the same reason!
Trying to play Gears2 in 2022!

I love you 3000!