Gears of war 2 broken

It loads up i press start click multiplayer and it music stops screen goes black and it crashes ive tried everything is it possible to fix this glitch i have the digital version
It worked fine last month

Strange, those menus worked okay for me before. Although I never found any matches. :sweat_smile:

I forgot it is 2008

Guys I need to warn you about some stuff that will happen 12 years from now

So they cant fix it?
It only lets me play splitscreen if my brother signs in his account presses multiplayer then i sign in and it backs us out to main menu then it lets us play one online game without freezing then if we try playing another match it freezes on character select or when the map loads

A. No, because TC don’t have a 360 testing environment.
B. It won’t be a high priority, given it is a 12 year old game that has a small concurrent population. So even if they did have a 360 testing environment, I doubt they would put the effort to fix it, given they cant fix issues on Gears 5.
C. It isn’t their game.

Too bad hope mine just randomly starts working again