Gears of war 2 . achievement gear veteran

Hello gears. I need your help. I would like to reach level 100 to get the gold skins and the medal of gears 3. I Will need 9 people to be able to do the trick of KOTH. I m almost active all day. add me as a friend. a greeting.

Dude, I’m damn sure you’ll be getting help if you sign up to True Achievements. Guys over there are always boosting and making sessions with date and time.

I grinding exp on social wingman, where WAS 4,5 x per point + 250 for win, I just need second xbox, because exp multiplicator only work when at least two human player. But sth happend yesterday and whole exp multiplicator was downgrade by 50%… :frowning:

If anybody want to play in GoW 2, send me message on xbox, GT Matanjah1995

Yeah, I noticed that too two days ago. We’re now just winning half of the xp! Was about to make a post complaining about it but dunno if TC is even interested in old servers anyhow… :disappointed_relieved:

yes, I have trueachievements but not enough people join, so I wanted to ask for help in the fórums, doing it on my own is very difficult because it does not let me play social matches. it only leaves me if there is someone in a matche and in a horde they only give me 500 of exp in insane.

Anyone? Beuhler?

GT Matanjah1995

I got 81 level so we could play sometimes in social, btw the best social games is wingman or warzone.

Are you playing on 360 or XB1? Sometimes a hard reset on the XB1 will get the XP multiplier working in the Japanese version of Gears 2, but it can be flaky and take a number of tries. Don’t know if that would work in the non-JP version. I did a JP Horde session a few weeks ago for the first time in months, wasn’t able to get the multiplier after a few tries and the group wanted to get the session going. So I’m not sure if something may have changed, or we just didn’t try enough resets.

It got screwed up on both versions of the game around Christmas time.

Stat tracking for Gears 1 has been messing up for the last 3+ months. We think The Coalition has fixed it after our extensive report of our testing of what did and did not work. I made a mention of both versions of Gears 2’s XP multipliers being messed up in our Gears 1 thread, just in case TC is still monitoring it.

If you want to read and add to our thread it is here:

I think this is just one of those things that will be swept under the rug and forgotten about.

The XP multipler is working today. Use the Gears 2 JP club to find others who need the XP. Message me on Live if you need an invite

Anyone trying to do the KOTH strategy ?

I’d be down

As I posted in another thread, KOTB ring boosting is terrible. This is the absolute fastest method:

You will absolutely need boosting partners to fill a lobby, but you could get by with just a single partner of you have enough Xboxs and accounts. The video linked in that thread is showing it in private, but you have to do it in ranked to get XP.

Add Me My Gamertag is Roberthboy03 i want to help us

You only need 6 ppl to boost Gears2 but the cling clong of the ring will haunt you once you’re done.

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