Gears of War 2 & 3 one day on PC?

Hello everyone,

Super happy that Gears 5 is coming to PC like 4 but I have a question for the devs if they are reading this forum :
Could one day Gears 2 and Gears 3 make their way to PC as well ? I think it would be amazing to have the (almost) entire Gears collection on the platform.

Is there any way we can send this forward to developers ? All I want is Microsoft/The Coalition to be aware that there is a demand for the two best games in the series to come to PC.

Thank you.


As a remaster/remake,

I can only hope.


I’m afraid a remake is not even a distant possibility…Microsoft did this for the original but fat chance 2 or 3 will.

Really, all I’m asking is for straight DX11 ports of Gears 2 and 3, they run on Unreal Engine 3, how expensive can they be to port ?

Perhaps Microsoft/The Coalition don’t have access to the original assets. That would explain why they did not bother with porting those to Xbox One either. They are just emulated as far as I know.

Console gamers would probably not be against a 60fps version I imagine. A real Marcus collection with maybe a few visual enhancements would be fantastic for everyone.

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They do have access because 2 and 3 came to the Xbox One X with enhanced graphics.

I’m saying, I’d rather see a proper remake and remaster rather than straight up ports because UE is far better than a straight up port.

To re-sell a 10 year old game, you have to offer something compelling to make people want to play it again.

Or else, it’s just a small hardcore group that will pick it up.

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Idc if it’s a remaster or just a port. I need Gears 2 campaign on 60-240 fps with a keyboard and mouse. Gears 3 would be fun as well to test damage.

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A port isn’t going to assure much quality control.

An Xbox One X should be able to run at least MP of a previous gen game at 60FPS.

Achieving 240FPS in a game optimised for old hardware at 30FPS doesn’t seem very promising.

And if it was easy and simple to do, I’m sure they would have done it.

The ElDewrito mod got 60 fps on Halo 3 for PC I believe. I don’t know the technical details of scaling up a PC game, but as long as they could do 60 fps or higher, I’m happy.

Probs won’t happen, but I’m holding onto a tiny bit of hope since Microsoft wants everything on PC now.

At worst a Port would be nice.

But to generate that interest and get an active playerbase, it would need to be more.

Halo 1 and 2 look ridiculously good as remakes. The cutscenes are unreal and even though they came out before UE, they surpass UE easily.

Something of that level for 2 and 3 would reignite the interest in those games for a lot of people.

I see where you are coming from, port over nothing, but I’d rather start with asking for a more complete remaster first :blush::+1:

Actually no, Gears 2 and 3 are emulated on Xbox One X. They aren’t native ports. They do have upgrades obviously, but they are still 30fps games if I’m correct.
I have no problem imagining old games like those running easily at 60fps on Xbox One.

Rereleasing those two on PC would be very smart, especially since Game Pass is now officially on Windows 10.

Gears 5 is releasing on PC (Winstore and Steam), Gears 4 could be available on Steam as well while they are it. Spencer said more Microsoft games would be coming to Steam, future but also perhaps older games which are actually Windows Store exclusives.

I honestly don’t have much to add. If Microsoft don’t see the point in releasing older 360 games on PC then nothing I say will ever convince them. I’m not even certain they ever had that conversation.


1). I would like to see them on PC

2). I acknowledge they are emulated on Xbox One, I didn’t actually claim they were direct ports.

3). I have no issues with accepting Xbox One could do 60FPS in these old games either.

4). Microsoft has committed to PC but time will tell to see how that works out. So far, so good.

5). Correct, it’s up to Microsoft if they will bring Xbox 360 Games to PC. I find this unlikely and at best, we should push for Remasters. Especially with the next gen Xbox coming soon, it would be a massive leap to go from Xbox 360 to Project Scarlet, and likewise, to PC.

IMO remasters are lame and always die too quickly, so I don’t even want them wasting their time on it. I’d rather just a clean port over a remaster.

UE was good, but died so fast because people had already played too much of it from their past. Now for Gears 2-3… those games are beyond flawed, way more so than Gears 1. I honestly don’t think the versus would last long at all even if they were excellent remasters.

I have no desire of playing ranked or anything on Gears 2-3 remasters. I just want the campaign and private matches lol

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That’s fine if that’s what you want.

I see far more value in a Remastered Game than a straight up port that will look so dated.

Especially for Campaign.

UE Campaign is immensely better than the originals.

I don’t see it as a “waste of time” - in fact, the Cutscenes and the upgraded visuals add more value to it.

I would like to relive the MP again and at least at launch, it would be well populated.

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I’d be down with just a remastered campaign but honestly, versus is unnecessary for me

I misread parts of your previous posts then. Still somewhat odd that Microsoft has not formelly rereleased a proper Gears trilogy with updated graphics (we know UE3 is scalable) at 60fps on Xbox One and PC.
I’m wondering what’s stopping them.

Regardless I merely created this thread to gather some opinions and perhaps catch the eye of The Coalition.
There truly is no other way to engage with devs these days, and I’m not wasting my energy spamming their twitter account. Reddit was also not an option, too many threads already. Don’t even get me started with petitions as I dislike the tone, I don’t want to act entitled. I think there is genuine strategic interest there for Microsoft, this is not about pleasing me personally, not to mention I’m not the only one who would love for those games to be on PC.

I replayed Gears 2 on X and I’d love to fully replay it at 144hz. Those games would shine at such high framerates.

Thanks to anyone who commented, I really appreciate it. Ultimately this is not going to move the needle, it should be obvious that Gears 2 and 3 belong on PC with the rest of the series, alas Microsoft/The Coalition probably have their minds elsewhere.

They will probably remaster both 2 & 3 for the next generation console with better technology.


I pray you are right brother.

On a 360 based emulator. It isn’t built or optimized for Pc they would literally have to do it. It isn’t ever happening, hate to say it.

This is what I mean, I’d rather see a proper remake and remaster.

I am hoping for a remastered version.


Would be Sweeetttt as Sugar!

Or Aspartame!

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Or Stevia!

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