Gears of War 1 Ultimate Edition bugs and issues

I played GOW1 on windows back in 2007 and I remember except for some frame rates issue I had no problems with this game when I heard GOW1 remaster is coming on PC I decided to purchase GOW1 and replay it here are my thoughts and problems with this game

Act I was almost flawless in gameplay maybe because they tested only this part of the game and after that, they decided it’s fine enough and released it. I had no issues except for absurd bullet sponge enemies (I played on insane) and sometimes stupid AI I enjoyed my game there weren’t any issues till Berserker boss fight here I had to deal with stupid AI standing in front of her so she could just slaughter my teammates and I had to do whole part again, I also had to deal with stupid Berserker AI as she never followed me or sometimes she got stuck inside a wall. This I would still call as minor issues my major problems started in ACT II.

AI teammates
Here is the ultimate failure of this game and that’s AI of your teammates they were blatantly stupid, often they just stood in front enemy fire, they ran to the enemy and then they got killed, sometimes I even had an issue where my partners just ran and completely ignored enemies there also were occasions when they stopped following me and they just were standing there doing nothing even when I spammed command button regroup it didn’t help until I restarted the game, Keep in mind I never encountered such problems with the original game so how can you guys screw up this remaster so badly? I died on 90% in this game because. this AI is so buggy and bad why the original game has AI less buggy than your remaster? I had to restart 8x because my AI partner just stood in the darkness and Kryll horde just killed him.

Locust Horde
Aside from of Locust Horde spawning right next to me I noticed how terrible bullet sponges they are I never saw a single tactical shooter game where you must fire entire clip of your assault rifle into a single enemy, making enemies a bullet sponge doesn’t make it cool nor cute it feels lazy especially when you add this into lore by claiming they are super resilient race instead of creating clever maps design where the player has to use brain to outflank, outsmart or even outplay The Locust no we will just pop out a hole which you can seal instantly with a grenade then we will spawn 3-4 bullet spongy drones and repeat that all right.

When I thought all right I can use coop and bring an actual player into this war so I can get an additional intelligent player but not networking is broken beyond repair constant crashes, connection issues, laggy lobbies have the dev team even tested coop? Or they just smacked it as a bonus feature and decided to let it rot?

I also had terrible framerates drops from 144fps to 25fps in certain parts of the game I have Nvidia RTX 2080 ti and I’m lagging in a remastered 2006 game because the developer team has poorly optimized this game and this remaster isn’t worth of buying I really wish the devs would fix these issues maybe then this game would become a really awesome remaster but so far it feels like a lazy attempt to milk us.

This was broken by the April 2018 update, still waiting on TC to fix this.

They’ll never fix it

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Yeah, I think you are right I read somewhere that some people just sent Gears 5 Game designer a video of all current bugs in Gears 5, and they never fixed them so doubt they even going to bother with 1.

I wonder if people would give money to a " PATREON FUND " they would have the guts to fix that portion of the game…

It is sad. Gears of War 1 is a flagship Xbox game and it is broken/ border line unplayable for Windows 10 and has never been fixed or refunded to customers.