Gears of War 1 Seriously

Not sure what the plausibility of this is, but is there any way that TC could grant me my “Seriously…” achievement for Gears of War 1? I’ve got about 15000 kills in ranked and still never got it. Obviously, no one plays ranked anymore so the likelihood of me being able to grind for it is slim to none. I know the achievement has been bugged since launch, but was wondering if I could get some closure to this one xD

Correct me if I’m wrong, but TC has nothing to do with the first Gears. That would be Epic Games I believe. Just to add, you’re not the only one with this problem. Look on the positive side. I unlocked mine at 10,625 kills.

They won’t grant it.
The 10,000 kills you need have some requirements:

  1. It needs to be one of the launch modes - so no Annex/KotH type stuff
  2. If you quit out of the match or if the host ends the match early, the kills don’t count

Rule 2 is the main one that throws people off. Even if you leave or it ends prematurely, the kills are still recorded in your stats…but they don’t go towards Seriously. This means that you’re stats page will end up showing quite a few more kills than you actually have.

I was pretty good about tracking my stats, and tried not to quit “too much”. My stats will show me at ~8k kills…but based on me tracking it manually, I’m closer to 7.5k.

Anyways…there’s no way they’ll grant it to you - IDK if they are even capable of doing so…


@Bchaps #2 is the reason I stopped playing ranked in Gears 1 and just stuck to player matches. It was literally every game half my team would DC or host would DC. Not about to sweat for that BS.

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Luckily I found some people who I could run ranked matches with and slowly work towards it.
…or I started recognizing certain lobbies/hosts as good/bad.

But yeah, it sucked :confused:

Dude where have you been i remember you!!!

@SchizoPsycho74 You’re right, they have nothing to do with the first Gears, but they are owned by Microsoft who owns the franchise now.

@Chaotik_Element I’ve been mainly on Reddit and Twitter…but I’ve also been lurking on here (just not posting much). :slight_smile:

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I still need to earn my Seriously in Gears1 but I’ve more than met the requirements several times in UE and it still won’t unlock. (been reset several times now)

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i have a different issue. i actually got the achievement back in 2008 i think og 360 days. but now I’ve upgraded hardware, my gamer picture that i got as a reward is nowhere to be found now. this is sad because i really liked that picture as i was proud of it. took many months of grinding and killing noobs to get that.