Gears of War 1 on PC

How do I play the first Gears of War on PC?

You mainly need to just install the game, install the patches in correct order, then use this workaround to login to GfWL…

"Enter the game while connected to the internet. Press HOME on the keyboard to enter Windows live menu screen. Select “Login to existing account”.

Next Screen, put your credentials and Select the checkbox “REMEMBER EMAIL AND PASSWORD” DO NOT select sign in automatically. Then try to login. It will stay forever on the please wait on logging in screen. Alt+Tab out of there then Control+Shift+Escape to bring up the process manager, go to the Processes tab, right click on the Gears of war or WarGame executable (its one of those 2 names) and choose end process.

Disconnect from the internet and enter the game again. Enter the Windows Live Menu with your Home key and again select login to existing account. Things will be empty but dont worry. Put your email again and the password and checkboxes will autocomplete. Click login. This time it will skip to the Product Key input. Input the key. CONNECT THE ETHERNET CABLE before giving the OK to the product key, wait a few seconds for the internet to come back. Click next and the client will most likely download an update. The game will possibly close after the update. After that you’ll be able to login normally."

Then it will play and save since you’re logged in. The problem though, is it has a tendency to crash at a few points in the game, and when it does, it wipes out all your progress. So GoW 1 is really only good for online play. For the campaign it’s useless. It’s a shame too, because it runs fine at 4K DSR on a 1080, and with Detail Mode edited to 5 instead of 2, it looks damn good too.